Why Bitcoin is Actually Good for the Environment? #shorts


Bitcoin is being badly represented in the environmental debate according to Dominic Frisby, author of Bitcoin – The Future of Money. #Cryptocurrencies are actually accelerating the adoption of renewable energy and renewable technology. This is a story that needs to be told because if the environmentalists come for #crypto it could really do some damage to the sector.
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Will Silver Prices Go Up in 2009?

The current economic crisis has some people confused about their money and what to do with it, and the usual safe haven of silver and gold during crises like this, hasn’t resulted in them behaving in the usual predictable manner, nonetheless, prices of silver and gold are beginning to go up, and that should be the case for some time. People don’t seem understand what has happened and why, as far as the U.S dollar retaining its strength when the underlying fundamentals said it should have been in a much weaker position, and why gold and silver, which usually does very well in hard economic times, were not moving up in price like they usually do.

Trading Gold Stocks in 2009

The price of gold and the trading of gold stocks are hot topics in recent times. The price of gold is a well-studied area with plenty of information and opinions on the secular bull trend in gold. The correlation of gold stocks to the price of gold is a topic of interest for people trading gold stocks.

Key Dates in Gold Price History

The gold rushes of dates past greatly changed the value of gold throughout those times, making anyone who mined for it a rich person very quickly in many cases. During the 19th century, there were different gold rushes that helped the gold mined towns and areas turn into booming cities overnight because of the influx of pioneers and immigrants that came to mine the gold.

Savvy Investment Options – Making The Leap to Gold

There are many panicked investors out there who have no idea where to safely stash their money in these troubled times. Expert investors and traders know several key facts about investing, which I’m going to share with you now.

Gold Bullion – Simple Rules For Wise Investing

The role of gold bullion in ones portfolio is that of insurance. Stocks, bonds, and paper money all can and have numerous times been reduced to zero value, sometimes quite rapidly. Gold, in the form of bullion coins or bars has stood the test of time.

Investing in Gold ETFs to Strengthen Your Portfolio in Difficult Economic Times

Investing in gold is a great hedge against the decline of the world economy. Impending inflation makes a position in gold or gold stocks a good place to hedge yourself to keep you portfolio from further deterioration.

How to Invest in Gold Bars

Entrusting the physical property with another party for its safekeeping which, in this case, is gold bars, the action is bound by law and services for the safekeeping are paid for. Novelty one gram plastic coated gold bars costing twice the gold bullion content value are mainly aimed for the gift market. And of course, one can invest in gold bars of any size. Bars come cheaper than coins of the same gold content and by buying gold bars you can avoid VAT or sales tax levied only on coins. Quality of gold bars with high quality comes cheaper.

Protecting Your Wealth by Investing in Gold Bullion

Since gold no longer has a face value in the sense of being used as legal tender, the price fluctuates greatly each day, giving people a chance to earn a substantial return from a small investment, or lose money if the markets decline which has happened very few times. However, those who invest in the world gold markets understand that their investment is for the long haul, and not just an overnight way to make a quick buck.

Should You Invest in Gold Or Silver During an Economic Downturn?

When the stock markets hit such a point that it becomes very unstable as it is now, people start looking for other commodities to invest in such as gold and silver. Occasionally, some people invest in gold and silver without having any actual ties to real precious metal itself.

Investing in Popular One Ounce Gold Coins

There are many types of gold coins that you can buy, collect, and invest in that are available in the U.S. market. Some of the most popular choices for people are one ounce gold coins, which come in many different styles, designs, and denominations.

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