Why I am Silver Stacking 2021 – Advice for New Silver Stackers


In this video I talk about why I stack silver. I started silver stacking several years ago and the reason that I was silver stacking back then is different than the reason that I am silver stacking in 2021. I am making this video for people that are new to silver and want to get some silver stacking tips from someone who has been buying silver for a while. My silver stacking collection has grown immensely over the years and my silver stacking strategy has changed accordingly. I am not silver stacking for retirement, but I have done silver stacking on a budget and I think that I can relate to a lot of silver stackers out there. If you are thinking of buying silver in 2021 or if you have just started buying silver then this is the video for you! check out my video on what type of silver coins to buy for silver stacking below:

Top 5 Silver Bullion Coins in 2021

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How to Invest in Gold for Inflation Protection

Gold can add inflation and geopolitical protection to your investment portfolio. Learn how to buy and allocate gold in this article.

Simple Best Way To Invest in Gold and Silver

If you are looking to increase the viability of your long term financial portfolio, then precious metals should definitely be a part of the discussion. There are many options available to those who want to invest in precious metals. The gold and silver investment strategy that some of the best investors in the world apply to their own portfolios is now available to the average investor.

Easy Investment Guide to Gold and Silver

These are metals that include gold, silver, platinum as well as palladium that are majorly used as units of trade. All the mentioned metals have a specific kind of value in the industrial sector. Metals such as silver are regularly used in quite a good number of companies. People buy these metals for economic purposes and values. It is significant to note that these metals are very rare, and this is what makes them worth. As far as History is concerned, the metals were used as currency and got featured in jewelry.

Eisenhower Silver Dollars, Last of the Traditional Silver Dollar Type Coins

Dwight Eisenhower proved to be a successful leader in World War II, which led to the surrender of the Germans. He later was pursued by both parties for president. He won the 1952 election and again in 1956 as a Republican, and was known as an inspirational leader.

Gold Versus the Dollar

Gold increased in value from about $400 per Troy ounce in 2005 to about $1,200 per Troy ounce in 2015 or about three times (3X) in 10 years. Our national debt however went up from about $500 billion dollars to about $ 18 trillion dollars or about thirty-six times (36X) over the same period.

1900 Lafayette, America’s First Commemorative Silver Dollar

The Lafayette commemorative silver dollar was not only America’s first commemorative silver dollar, but the first coin to have a portrait of our first president on it. This also was the only silver dollar commemorative coin minted until 1983.

The Truth About Gold

The gold market today is full of people beaten down and demoralized. Many bought gold on predictions of inflation that would cause their cash savings to evaporate into thin air. Others have been waiting for a coming crash in the bond market that would push huge pools of money out of the so called “safe haven” of the US dollar and into real assets, more specifically gold, causing an unprecedented rise in its price.

Opportunity Arises Out of Crisis: Buy Gold by the Gram

According to global economic experts, the Dollar is on the verge of collapse. This could create a unique business opportunity. You can become a Gold distributor with a legit, debt-free reputable company. Low start up cost, a wealth of coaching, a product that needed by everyone with a savings account, and a stellar automated marketing system make this program a winner!

The Pivotal Grading Point of Rare American Coins

The pivotal grading point of a rare coin is defined as the MS grade where the next higher grade is worth more than double the grade just below it. This is essential information for the rare American coin investor as well as collector.

Rare American Coins and Morgan Dollar Branch Mint Proofs

There is a widespread belief that Philadelphia is the only US mint to produce proof Morgan silver dollars. This is generally true, but the other 3 branch mints occasionally struck proofs as well.

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