Why I’m Moving To Gold Bullion ‐ Maybe You Should Too!


Right now gold is better than silver and that’s why I’m moving to gold bullion and maybe you should too. Now whether you’re buying silver or gold in 2021, its really up to you in the end. Most people cant or wont save up to buy gold. Stacking Silver is just a terrible buy right now. I know a bunch of people will disagree with me but its true. Silver stacking is extremely fun and it used to be affordable but the premiums are a joke and now big dealers are swimming in profits.

This is just what my personal journey is telling me, to put more cash into gold bullion, or gold coins instead of silver coins because it makes sense mathematically. You do what works best for your wallet or purse and make sure to keep all your records to help you decide which is best for you.


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Is Allocated Gold a Better Investment Than Unallocated Gold?

Gold has always been considered as a valuable investment, and people have been engaging in the buying of bullion for decades now. This trend of an inclination towards gold investments has become more of a preference ever since the credit crunch, after which the world economy had a meltdown. There are actually two ways in which investment in gold can be done. One is in the form of allocated gold and the other unallocated gold.

How to Find Out What the Daily Gold Price Is

Gold, silver, and other such elements are always high in demand. These elements are widely used in the fashion industry.

Where Does the Spot Gold Price Come From

The spot gold price of spot gold rate is the price that is estimated for instant (spot) delivery and payment. Spot payment and delivery is usually one or two days ahead of the trade date. As the settlement is one or two days ahead of the trade date, it is said as “futures”; agreements dealt on future exchanges are working in many countries around the world.

What Factors Affect the Price of Gold?

This question preoccupies the mind of everyone who is directly or indirectly related to the investment in gold, in some or the other form. Gold has always occupied a prominent position in determining the global economy. The price of gold is considered as a major indicator of the status of global economy.

What Does Gold Have To Do With The Price Of Tea In China?

This article examines the geopolitical issues behind the concurrent rise of the price of gold and the value of the dollar. In simple terms, it explains why, in the first time in recent memory, both are rising.

Can I Buy Physical Gold Bars?

The rarity, beauty, and preciousness have always contributed to the value of gold. Due to its monetary standards, it is equally important for private citizens and national economies.

Krugerrand Gold Coin Design

The South African Krugerrand is a coin of many firsts. From the very metal it’s composed of to what is stamped upon it, the Kruger is unique.

Popular Ways to Invest in Gold

There has been a lot of talk recently about investing in gold. What are some ways to do that?

Investing in Gold or Precious Metals

Are you are thinking about investing in the precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum? Then there are certain limitations and risks you should understand before parting with your hard-earned money.

The History of the London Bullion Market

The London Bullion Market Association, generally known as LBMA, was established back in 1987 to execute the interests of multiple participants in the whole sale bullion market. The LBMA is acknowledged as the London-based trade association that represents the wholesale OTC, that means Over The Counter market for gold and silver with its base in London.

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