Will gold price continue ‘stellar performance’? It all depends on this, says Gary Wagner


Gold’s surge to $1,900 an ounce this past month was due largely in part to U.S. dollar weakness, which itself is a function of fiscal spending from the U.S. government as part of Biden’s infrastructure bills.

The question is, can dollar weakness continue?

0:00 – Dollar weakness
4:05 – Trading volume
6:20 – Gold vs. dollar
8:12 – Gold vs inflation
10:42 – Silver
13:15 – Copper
17:20 – Best metal for 2021
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Three Positives of Gold Investing

Gold has never been more talked about in the last 75 years then it is today. As world economies are crumbling, and the economic future of so many countries remain uncertain, investors have been turning towards gold as a safe haven investment until world economies at least show some signs of stability. Even though the returns on gold over the last 80 years have not been spectacular, every portfolio should have some of the precious yellow metal in it. Here are 3 Reasons why Gold is so great…

Confused About Gold and the Dollar? Understand Their Relationship Before You Invest

What you are seeing folks is the decoupling of gold from the dollar, short and long term bonds as well as stocks. Since 1971, gold has outperformed cash, stocks and bonds, yet you never see your financial adviser, sans a few, recommend gold as an investment. Why is that? The answer is simply they can’t make any money selling it…so they don’t, plus the fact they don’t understand it. Most people don’t understand gold as an investment or how it fits into one’s portfolio.

How to Determine the Value of Gold Coins

The intrinsic value of a coin is the value of the gold itself. In other words, if you melted the coin and sold it as bullion, that would be the intrinsic value of the coin. With modern bullion coins (most of the coins on the market), the intrinsic value equals the value of the coin. Bullion coins are offered for sale online and at gold coin dealers. Make sure you determine what the dealer’s commission and shipping are for the coin before you buy it. The coin should be priced just above the spot price, so as to include the dealer’s commission. Coins priced below the spot price of gold should be avoided-they are most likely fake coins.

Gold Buffalo Proof Vs Gold Eagle Proof – Which One is the Better Investment?

You don’t have to play heads or tails to get an answer! Let’s examine each of their strengths so that you can decide if you will choose to fly with the wind or graze on the grass.

Bullion Gold Bars – Invest in Your Family’s Future With Bullion Vault

There has never been a greater opportunity to invest in your future than it is right now. Even though many people are hurting due to this present economy, this is a great time to invest in gold.

What Determines the Value of Gold Coins

Gold coins are valued using four different qualifying factors: quality, popularity, grade, and rarity. Due to the collectible nature of gold coins they quite often sell for more than the spot gold, or gold melt, price. All five factors come into play when considering whether or not to make a gold bullion coin purchase. Generally gold bars are a better value to purchase if the investor is looking for purely a gold investment as they sell for a very low minimum above the melt price. Educate yourself for how to value a gold coin so you can avoid overpaying when you invest.

Make Small Investments and Big Profits in Oil, Gold, Or Real Estate

Make money when the price of oil, gold or real estate goes up, and do it the easy way! You can invest less than $500, or as much as you like. What happens when the price of these “hard” or tangible assets go up? Speculators with a ton of money get rich trading commodities futures contracts or otherwise leveraging their money to the hilt.

Decide on Better Investment Options – Sell Gold Jewelry

Investment in precious metal like gold has been a traditional way of saving. But, have you ever thought of any other investment options that give you better returns?

Canadian Stock Alerts – Gold & the US Dollar

I wanted to add a few thoughts that might interest the short-term and longer term investors of OREX (OX.V) and Century Mining (CMM.V) as well. Both companies are junior mining companies, and both look to be sitting on millions of ounces of gold. The short-term investor isn’t really prepared to wait out the building of a fully functioning mine.

Antique Gold Coins Can Be a Great Buy

Is buying antique gold coins the best way to invest in gold? Only if you know what you’re doing.

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