Will The Market Crash? The Market is Too Top Heavy | Market Crash Reasons


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After reaching $2000, gold is going through a period of correction but we don’t think it will last much longer.

The market will be a key factor.

S&P 500 notched a near 15% gain for 2020. For 2021 so far, it’s looking better.

Those in CNBC’s Quarterly Market survey expect an average 2021 year-end target of about a 9.5%.

But here is the problem, a small group of equities comprising Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are accounting for a large percentage of S&P 500.

it represents a highly concentrated stock risk.

Let me give this more context. Having a small group of companies dominate the market is nothing new and it is more common that you think.

Bloomberg’s Barry Ritholtz wrote that he reached out to Howard Silverblatt, senior index analyst for S&P Dow Jones Indices, for more color.

He noted that the 10 largest stocks in the S&P 500 accounted for 27.6% of the index’s capitalization. That makes the benchmark the “most top-heavy index” since the 1960s.

But the returns from these may not be as attractive as those seen over the past couple of years.

The concentration of gains will be so heavy on the top that it doesn’t leave much for those below it.

Unless you’re buying hundreds of thousands of any of these top stocks, there isn’t really much left for you.

If you combine this with other factors such as the continuous pouring of stimulus money, monetary authorities will have to stretch themselves further to offset any negative fallout on bond yields.

This will be further supportive of gold price.

Some of these investors, especially large fund management companies, are just waiting for gold correction to reach its bottom before stepping in as big buyers.

There is a possibility they will be more cautious though. This could result in gold’s slow climb to the top instead of a sharp vertical.

CPM Group, an independent commodities research, consulting, commodities and asset management, and investment banking firm also said that Central banks are projected to remain net buyers of gold in 2021, with about seven million ounces estimated to be bought.

We are, of course, not discouraging you from investing in stocks. We’re all about diversification.

But we suggest you put some in precious metals to protect your investments. It remains the best store of value for a reason.

If you want to know more about investing in gold, you can always call us for a no-pressure conversation.

We are always here to help.


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