Worry about disinflation, not inflation


With fewer durable good making up GDP and workers no longer employed in traditional jobs, worries about coming inflation are probably over blown, said the Head of Asian Strategy and Global Strategy Co-ordinator Viktor Shvets.

Shvets spoke to Kitco on Friday from Hong Kong.

“Today, 60% of private sector GDP in the U.S. is in intangibles,” said Shvets. “[You] don’t have the same capacity constraints.” Shvet said the speed up in digitization and automation is driving down the cost of goods and services.

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Why a Gold Investment?

2007 marked the beginning of what has been commonly referred to as “the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression,” and this weakened economy has caused mayhem with mainstream investments like stocks, bonds and real estate. Newspapers, magazines and articles from various sectors have reported trillions of dollars lost with paperbacked assets as a result of major economic contractions. Between 2001 and 2008, the majority of mainstream investing markets spiraled downward, and during this same period the gold spot price increased more than 300%.

How to Know When to Buy Gold by Watching the Gold Prices

A lot of people during these economic hard times are looking to make some extra money. One opportunity that seems to fit everybody no matter where you are on the economic scale is taking advantage of your unused and old gold jewelry and other gold items… and selling them! With gold prices at historic highs, this is probably the very best time to do this. With current talk in Washington about strengthening the dollar, if you want to sell your gold you better do it now. Because as the dollar gets stronger, gold prices go down… and you can lose this opportunity. This article will help you understand about how to know when to sell your gold so you can make the most profit on your transaction.

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The recent surge in gold prices signal one thing, the gold price manipulation game is over. The players can no longer prop up the U.S. Dollar by holding down the price of gold.

Gold Coins – The Kind of Gold Coins That You Should Invest In

Intrinsic value is directly related to the selling price of gold bullions. You need to remember that when you are talking about the intrinsic value of the gold coin, it usually means that you are actually referring to the value of the gold itself. To make it easier for you to understand, you are actually selling the gold for the price that is placed on gold in the market. Today, you will usually find modern bullion coins and the intrinsic value is usually equal to the value of the coin.

Gold Price at Highest Levels For Thirty Years

Gold is one of the most precious metals in the world, and has always been a symbol of wealth, and luxury. Apart from jewellery, it has been used for many other purposes such as in gold coins, dentistry and biology, and manufacturing. Gold fetches a high price in the market, and the rate of gold is an important part of the economy of our world today.

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In order to know how to sell gold coins, you will need to become acquainted with the gold industry. Doing so, will make you an informed consumer that will have no problem knowing how to sell gold coins.

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Giving collectible gold or silver coins is probably the best gift to be able to give someone and they will thank you for it. As for you, bullion also makes a great investment too. Now let me tell you 7 reasons why.

Tactics on How to Successfully Sell Gold Jewelry Or Coins

Selling gold, silver, and gold jewelery is a really hot topic these days. With most everybody experiencing difficult financial times, getting extra money through selling gold can really help you out. However, there are tricks and tips that you must be aware of when selling your gold, especially if you want to get the best price possible.

The Growing Popularity of American Gold Eagle Coins

Collecting high-quality American Gold Eagles is a fun and rewarding way to build up or enhance your portfolio of precious metals or rare coins. With so much information available on the internet, there is truly no reason why you can’t quickly become a knowledgeable gold coin collector.

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