Adrian Day Asset Management May 2021


This interview was filmed on April 27, 2021.

Gold has largely trended downward since reaching a new all-time high last summer, but for Adrian Day its retracement is a normal reaction to a major move.

What’s more surprising to him right now is that gold stocks remain so depressed.

“Normally when prices move up the stocks move too far too fast and you think you’ve missed it,” commented Day, who is president of Adrian Day Asset Managment. “All I can say is this is just the beginning in my view.” 

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0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Gold’s performance since all-time high
3:23 – Most important factors for gold right now
7:51 – Inflation is happening, how it fits in
12:10 – Where gold could go during 2021
14:50 – Compelling opportunity in gold stocks
18:06 – Why are gold stocks lagging?
21:05 – Big M&A increase on the horizon
24:50 – What size of gold deals to expect
27:33 – Adrian’s other areas of interest
30:44 – Outro


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Cash for Gold Online: How It Works

It’s surprising how technology could help improve people’s lives. With the advent of the internet, we can now work at home, earn more and spend extra time with our family. There are more than thousands of websites that offer moneymaking strategies. One of these is earning money by selling gold. Yes, you hear it right! You can actually sell gold online.

Cash for Gold Legitimate Tips

Cash for gold websites are getting popular nowadays because it can be one helpful way to earn extra money. However, a lot of people are still in doubt whether these sites are legitimate or not because transactions are done online. Unlike with local jewelry store where you only need to hand in your pieces of gold and wait for the money. But doing it online? Some people would say, it’s probably a scam.

Cash for Gold: 5 Amazing Benefits

There are times when we ran out of cash and we don’t have anything to spend. Good thing there’s one remedy for that – cash for gold. There are a lot of reasons why cash for gold is beneficial to us especially if we experience economic crisis.

Reasons to Purchase Gold Jewelry

In many ways gold has been noted to be very much appreciated in several ways and as a matter of fact, those who actually use gold often feel that kind of satisfaction that any other person would require. It is therefore due to situations like this that, majority will often like to purchase this fine product no matter the cost involved. It is often realised that, gold jewelery are often purchased or possessed mostly by the wealthy. This of course has to do with money, once you have enough money, the sky is the limit and as such majority will die for the honour.

Gold Plated Jewelry and Gold Smiths

Gold smiths are very incredible with the way they do things and as such it is well recognised that, all those who actually wish to have their jewelry modified into several ways can now do so without any problem whatsoever. It is therefore imperative to state that, all sort of metals can be gold plated to make them look and shine just like gold. It is actually very necessary to say that, gold as a commodity is magnificent in its usage and can therefore be used in so many ways.

Buying Gold Jewelry Online Tips

Gone are those days when every business deal had to go through the hard way before it could become successful. Nowadays due to the existence of computers and the internet connection, it is very easy to transact even good business online without any fears whatsoever.

Is More Inflation Coming?

Inflation refers to the rate in which the price of goods and services is increasing in a given period of time and region. In other words, this term is used to measure the pace in which money is losing in value. When the level of inflation is growing fast, the name hyperinflation is employed for describing a serious economic predicament which can lead to the crash of the monetary system in a state.

Do Central Banks Control Gold?

When the gold standard was in force, central banks internationally manipulated gold rates in order to protect their national currencies. The best example is the US, where only between 1913 and 1920 inflation rose by a stunning 98%, while the gold price remained the same.

What Is Hyperinflation?

Those who constantly follow the business section in the newspapers and even dedicated TV news watchers may have knowledge of what inflation is or which are the countries affected by it. Of course, we may all have the recollection of times when we experienced times when prices of goods and services went up and the money we earned never seemed to be enough to pay for them. But perhaps it’s not all of us who are aware that such a phenomenon is known by the name of inflation.

Investors Are Going For Mining Stocks

Call it an effect of the economical crisis or a true “awakening” of mankind, but these past few years, people have started to become more and more interested in profitable activities such as investing. To be truthful, more money never hurt anyone, so venturing in the financial domain probably won’t be of any harm either, as long as you play it safe.

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