Ronald-Peter Stoeferle: What Gold Needs to Rocket Higher


This interview was filmed on April 7, 2021.

After an impressive run that took it to an all-time high in 2020, the gold price trended down in the first quarter of 2021, facing pressure from various headwinds.

Ronald-Peter Stoeferle of Incrementum identifies three main factors that kept the yellow metal down in Q1, and also speaks about its prospects in 2021.

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0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Three factors keeping gold down
2:58 – What are people missing about inflation?
7:10 – Ronni’s inflation expectations for 2021
10:31 – Assembling a portfolio for inflation
14:28 – Opportunities in gold stocks right now
17:29 – US$2,300 gold a possibility this year
19:40 – Can gold and bitcoin coexist peacefully?
23:23 – Final thoughts and outro


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Sell Gold From Your Armchair

You may have noticed over the past few years a big increase in companies asking to BUY your gold. Of course the reason for this is the current price for gold. Over the last 2 years the price has almost doubled. This market activity alone should encourage you to be more prudent when selling your very personal gold items of jewellery.

Are Gold Futures Prices High Now?

Gold has traditionally been viewed as a safe investment for maintaining wealth especially in the face of inflation. This may not be the case with gold futures as they are a different type of investment than gold itself. Gold futures are contracts to buy or sell gold in the future at the future price.

Occupy Silver

Silver (and gold) are headlining the investment news in several ways. Depending on whom you listen to or read you will get mixed results. The Bulls on one side and the Bears on the other seem to manipulate the facts to their points of view. They are causing new potential precious metals investors’ angst. The confusion leads to a higher degree of uncertainty as to what to do.

Gold Prices Sever Ties With Risk Assets

Gold prices climbed over $50 yesterday afternoon and still more this morning (26/10/11) amidst more concern over the EU’s debt crisis and disagreement between Germany and the rest of the EU. Gold’s status in recent weeks as a safe haven asset has been heavily criticised as it has underperformed major currencies, fixed income products and crude oil. However investors have once again turned to buying gold as EU meetings are cancelled and US Consumer Confidence falls.

5 Suggestions When Investing In Gold

Investing in gold can be highly lucrative when the sums involved are great and when the goal is financial security in times of economic hardship. Yet gold investments, as an alternative means of investing, are not for everyone. They require greater care than conventional investments as well as a deep knowledge of the market.

How to Hold Your Ground Against Financial Uncertainty: Purchasing Gold

Why I am choosing to protect my assets with gold and silver. Something every American should consider at this moment in time.

Silver’s 9-9-9 Plan

The 9-9-9 Silver Plan is designed to let you know when to buy and when to sell silver. I suppose you can apply the plan to gold as well, however we are silver bulls.

How to Get the Best Value For the Gold Items You Are Selling

Let’s accept the fact, almost everyone of us face financial troubles at some point of our lives. Perhaps, you are in a deep financial crisis at the moment because you need to bear the costs of expensive treatments of one of your loved ones.

Which Is The Best Silver To Buy?

Silver comes in many shapes and sizes. A wide variety of coins and bars are available in the market. While they may differ in physical appearance the purity of silver in all forms is 99.

Information Regarding Gold Buyers and Where to Sell Gold

If you are looking for somewhere to sell gold, the best place to find it would be online. True enough, gold is something that is precious and valuable. However, there will come that point in time when they stop being useful for an individual and due to this, gold is better to be sold for you to get enough cash for it.

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