Every week we ingest enough plastic to make a credit card – Blueland CEO


The oceans are being polluted by microplastics to the point where even seafood is becoming contaminated.

Sarah Paiji Yoo is the CEO of Blueland, a company that produces re-usable cleaning supplies.

“About 14 billion pounds of trash is dumped into the ocean each year. About a third of the fish that we consume is thought to have microplastics in their system. We are consuming, as adults, a credit card’s worth of plastic each week, so it is pretty scary,” Yoo told Kitco’s anchor, David Lin.

Yoo added that 90% of our drinking water contains microplastics.

The severity of this problem could be reduced if all companies in the cleaning supply sector that use plastics re-use their packaging, Yoo said.

“Our calculations would say that if everyone shifted to a re-usable system instead of consuming a new plastic cleaning bottle every time they need new cleaning products, we could save 100 billion plastic bottles from entering our landfills as well as oceans,” she said.

0:00 – Blueland
3:03 – Microplastics are everywhere
4:56 – Fixing the problem
6:08 – Reusable cleaning products
9:08 – Shark Tank and entrepreneurship
16:10 – Is saving the planet “affordable”?
20:53 – COVID’s impact on the industry
22:29 – Expansion of Blueland
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