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Augusta Precious Metals Review: Trust, Education, Empowerment and More From This Gold IRA Company

Augusta Precious Metals Review

Augusta Precious Metals Free Gold IRA Guide


Within this Augusta Precious Metals Review you will notice that there are many different precious metals IRA companies out there, so it can be hard to separate the ‘good’ from the ‘great’, and the ‘great’ from the ‘excellent’. For example, where does Augusta Precious Metals fit in? I’m going to be answering that question for you today.

What Is A Precious Metals IRA?

First of all, we should get our definition of a precious metals IRA straight. Let’s take the example of a gold IRA – Investopedia describes it as ‘a specialized type of IRA that allows investors to hold gold as qualified retirement investments’.

These IRAs can also ‘hold physical metals such as bullion or coins, as well as precious metals-related stocks’, again according to Investopedia. They must be separate from other traditional retirement accounts. Now, we’re ready to move onto Augusta Precious Metals.

Who Are Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta Precious Metals describes themselves as a ‘premier gold IRA company’, according to their website. They are based in Beverly Hills, California, and intend to help their clients with diversifying retirement accounts and savings. But what are their core values?

Look no further than the title of this review: trust, education, and empowerment. Augusta Precious Metals aims to create a productive relationship between themselves and their clients, to teach their clients about the economy and to allow them to diversify and balance savings.

But Who Is Behind The Company?

Another fair interpretation of the previous section would be: who are the real people behind the company? There are three core leaders behind the company who strive to uphold its core values and ideals. They are all experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate individuals.

Who Is The CEO Of Augusta Precious Metals?

Let’s meet them all, starting with the CEO of Augusta Precious Metals, Issac Nuriani. He spent many years aiding the older American population with their finances before deciding that he needed to do something about a lack of education around retirement funds.

That’s why Augusta Precious Metals focuses on helping retirement savers. Issac Nuriani saw the need for a service that is transparent, ethical, and reliable. He has earned an economics degree with honours from the University of California and is dedicated to retirement stability.

Who Is The Director Of Education At Augusta Precious Metals?

Next up, we have Devlyn Steele, the Director of Education at Augusta Precious Metals. He is proof that there is some serious experience behind this precious metals IRA company since he’s been in the financial services and economic industry for a lengthy thirty years.

Being the Director of Education, Devlyn Steele now focuses on educating Americans interested in retirement saving accounts about how they can diversify through alternative assets. He is a member of the business analytics program at Harvard Business School.

Who Is The Chief Financial Officer At Augusta Precious Metals?

Finally, we come to Howard Smith, the Chief Financial Officer at Augusta Precious Metals. Similar to the Director of Education, Howard Smith has more than twenty years of experience in capital markets and banking. As a result, he understands economic volatility.

He has experience in risk management due to his work with banks and local and federal governments, so he can advise Augusta Precious Metals’ clients on retirement risks. He is a certified public accountant and an economics/finance graduate of the University of Toronto.

How Wise Is Investing In Precious Metals?

The U.S. Money Reserve says that diversification is ‘the most compelling reason to include precious metals as part of your retirement strategy’. Investing in physical gold and silver can potentially protect your retirement portfolio from volatile markets and a turbulent economy.

‘Gold tends not to move in the same direction as U.S. stock prices, which means it provides a cushion for investors during times of stock market corrections’ is the explanation that Henry To, partner at CB Capital in Newport Beach, California, gives for gold’s steadiness.

What Are The Benefits Of Precious Metals IRAs?

Among other benefits, a precious metals IRA gives some retirement savers a great deal of confidence in their portfolios, almost like a form of insurance. Unlike companies, gold and silver cannot go out of business and have never been worth nothing, giving them significance.

What Is The Market Saying About Augusta Precious Metals?

The above information will be useful to anyone curious about Augusta Precious Metals, but a savvy investor will want to hear what others think about the gold IRA company. For example, they have been an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 2015.

Furthermore, they have been awarded an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and they currently have a 4.96 out of 5 star average from 73 customer reviews. ABC Money says they are a reputable company with ‘the most transparent fee structure and affordably low costs’.

What Are Customers Saying About Augusta Precious Metals?

The crucial opinions for potential precious metals IRA investors, however, come from current or past precious metals IRA investors. In short: we need to look at customer reviews. Let’s start off by taking a look at the customer reviews from the Better Business Bureau.

One five star reviewer praised the customer service at Augusta Precious Metals, calling employees ‘patient, courteous and extremely knowledgeable’. Others liked that there was ‘no pressure’ and they felt ‘informed’. The company’s responses highlight their customer focus.

Are There Any Complaints About Augusta Precious Metals?

Of course, no company is completely without complaint. On the Consumer Affairs website, one three-star reviewer called the presentation ‘a canned of course’ (sic) and felt that they weren’t Augusta Precious Metals’ ideal investor due to their personal financial situation.

One website called Gold Retired did claim to find two complaints about Augusta Precious Metals on a website called Ripoff Report, but the website is currently down. As well as this, Gold Retired does suggest that they may be written by competitors, and one is from 2014.

Can Complaints Always Be Trusted?

While it is important to be careful with your precious metals IRA, the website that both the complaints are from (both the 2014 and a 2018 complaint) only has a 1.5 out of 5 star rating on Consumer Affairs. The large number of five-star reviews suggests these are anomalies.

Why Should I Choose Augusta Precious Metals?

You don’t need to look any further than this section if you’re wondering about what Augusta Precious Metals does to separate itself from the competition. Fortunately for us, they’ve laid out their seven core values on their website, so you can see exactly what drives the team.

Augusta Precious Metals Advantages – Knowledge

The first Augusta Advantage (or core value) is knowledge. We covered this earlier, so I’ll keep it brief here. Their salespeople are knowledgeable educators who are always evaluating potential retirement saver concerns. They frequently assess how gold and silver can help you.

Augusta Precious Metals Advantages

– Commitment

Next, we have commitment. The central idea around commitment is that Augusta Precious Metals regularly recruits and continually trains gold and silver IRA professionals who are committed to helping precious metals IRA clients. They want to give you peace of mind.

Augusta Precious Metals Advantages

– Respect

Following on from that, there is respect. Augusta Precious Metals knows that you have put a lot of hard work, time, and effort into accruing, growing, and protecting your retirement savings. As such, they provide a streamlined, efficient process for all of their clients.

Augusta Precious Metals Advantages

– Accessibility

The fourth Augusta Advantage is accessibility. As I can attest, visiting their website allows you to easily get in contact with a helpful live chat support feature. You can also call them and, if they can’t pick up, just leave a message and they’ll return your call very quickly.

Augusta Precious Metals Advantages

– Transparency

Augusta Precious Metals claims that its fifth Augusta Advantage, transparency, really sets it apart from the competition. They have clear communication, no hidden fees and full disclosure from account setup to transaction confirmation. You can’t ask for much more.

Augusta Precious Metals Advantages

– Selection

Another Augusta Advantage that we’ll be going into in more detail later is the selection that they have available. The wide array of gold and silver coins that are well-known and offered by national mints make this precious metals IRA company a trustworthy option.

Augusta Precious Metals Advantages

– Coordination

Finally, there is coordination. This company won’t just leave you in the dust once the transaction is over – in fact, they pride themselves on giving clients ongoing assistance from a variety of support employees and different departments. It is high-quality customer service.

What Are The Investment Rates For Augusta Precious Metals?

I’ve briefly mentioned the affordable rates that Augusta Precious Metals offer, but let’s elaborate on those figures. After all, there’s no point in choosing a pricy precious metals IRA that saps up all your fun money for Caribbean vacations and golfing. Here are the numbers:


  • $50 Account Setup Fee
  • Annual $80 Custodian Maintenance Fee
  • Annual $100 Storage Fee

Minimum Investments

  • $5000 For Gold/Silver
  • No Maximum Investment

A Selection Of The IRA-Friendly Precious Metal Coins Offered By Augusta Precious Metals

Gold Investment Companies Augusta Precious Metals IRA Eligible Coins

Augusta Precious Metals’ physical IRA gold and silver must be at an exceedingly high quality and fineness level. With one exception, gold coins and bars must be 99.5% pure. Only the American Gold Eagle can be 91.67% pure. Silver coins and bars must be 99.9% pure.


  • American Eagles – 1 oz
  • American Eagle Proofs – 1 oz
  • Canadian Maple Leaf – 1 oz
  • Gold Canadian Eagle – ¼ oz
  • American Buffalo – 1 oz


  • Canadian Silver Soaring Eagle – 1 ¼ oz
  • Canadian Silver Eagle With Nest – 1 ¼ oz
  • American Silver Eagle – 1 oz
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf – 1 oz

Even though this is only a taste of the full range of coins that Augusta Precious Metals offer to their clients, the variety is clear to see. The company’s dedication to providing a range of options to gold and silver IRA investors is truly noteworthy and remarkable within the field.

Where Will Augusta Precious Metals Keep My Gold And Silver?

Your precious metals in an IRA must be kept in a suitable storage facility. Luckily, Augusta Precious Metals provides recommendations for several such facilities. You also receive free shipping and insurance and zero management fees on top of the top-notch customer service.

Approved Augusta Precious Metal Storage Facilities

  • Binks Global Services
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • Jackson, OH
    • New York, NY
  • A-M Global Logistics
    • Las Vegas, NV
  • Dakota Depository Company
    • South Fargo, ND
  • International Depository Services
    • New Castle, DE
  • CNT Depository
    • Bridgewater, MA
  • First State Depository
    • Wilmington, DE
  • Delaware Depository
    • Wilmington, DE
  • Idaho Armored Vault
    • Nampa, ID

Is Augusta Precious Metals Charitable?

This may sound like an odd question – and we would both probably hope that all companies aim to be charitable – but this company does support a particular and commendable cause. Augusta Precious Metals donates a portion of their proceeds to ‘K9s for Warriors’.

You can find out more about them with this Youtube video. They pair American veterans with PTSD service dogs who give their new owners the strength they need to move forwards and reintegrate with civilian life. The CEO feels passionate about supporting them.

Our Final Augusta Precious Metals Review Thoughts

When looking for an ethical and transparent company, as the 56 percent of US consumers who will stop buying from companies they believe are unethical (according to Mintel) will be, you can rest assured that Augusta Precious Metals is one of the best choices.

Let’s face it: the hundreds of positive reviews across the internet don’t lie. This company has its core values written on its sleeve and it isn’t afraid to respond to customer feedback, positive or negative. The wide variety of gold and silver for IRAs on offer is great too.

Although there are some (a total of two) complaints to be aware of, Augusta Precious Metals’ focus on the customer experience and their highly trained and professional employees outshine the negatives. Why not head to their website and take a look for yourself?