Barrick Gold’s Mark Bristow on how to out-flank bitcoin


The cryptocurrency boom has made the precious metal industry realize it has to work harder, said Barrick Gold CEO Mark Bristow, who talked to Kitco Wednesday. 
The senior gold miner (ABX:TSX) released its Q1 today, which reported a 78% jump in first-quarter profit smashing analyst expectations.
Bitcoin has stolen some of gold’s thunder. While bitcoin has run from under $8,000 to over $50,000 in just a year, gold is still mired in the $1,700-$1,800 trading range after last’s year run-up.
Like it’s done in the past, Bristow said gold has to innovate. 

1:32 – Barrick’s copper exposure
5:50 – ESG
14:38 – Outlook for gold
18:14 – Bitcoin vs. gold
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