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When you hear the term “Gold Nugget” today, you might think of a classic Las Vegas casino. And in fact, the largest intact gold nugget currently in existence, the Hand of Faith, is now on display at the Golden Nugget Casino

But there are other impressive gold nuggets discovered. We will be talking about one of them.

To get a sense of just how large and rare this nugget is, know that the vast majority of gold is typically recovered by forcefully blasting it out.

The most common size of gold is so fine that it’s called “gold dust”. It takes thousands and thousands of gold dust pieces to compile a single ounce of gold.

While there’s no official breakdown or classification of sizes between dust, flakes, pickers and nuggets, a piece of gold is often considered a nugget when it exceeds one gram in weight or .035 ounces.


Now that we have a clear idea of the sizes of gold, let’s look at one of the largest gold nuggets discovered.

The Welcome Stranger Nugget

The Welcome Stranger Nugget weighs in at a staggering 3,524 ounces, or just a shade under an even 100 kilograms or a little less than the common weight of a sack of rice.

If you ever frequent the gym, a normal barbell size is 20 kilograms. Next time you go, head over to the weight lifting area, put 5 barbells together and you will have the approximate weight of the Welcome Stranger Nugget.

Englishmen John Deason and Richard Oates came across the mammoth in the wilds of Moliagul, Victoria, Australia.

It was soon broken up into three pieces — each of which was later melted down.

If still intact today, it’s estimated that the Welcome Stranger would be worth more than $6.3 million.

As for Deason and Oates, they were paid £9,381 by the London Chartered Bank of Australia for their discovery. If you’re ever in Melbourne, Australia, you can view a replica of Welcome Stranger in the City Museum.

If you are ever looking into owning 100 kilograms of gold, call us. But if you don’t have enough money for that but are still interested in investing some amount of money into gold, Noble Gold Investments will also be here for you.



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