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Billionaire investor Thomas Kaplan had been predicting a rise in silver for years. He thinks it is starting.

Mr. Kaplan has a lot to gain from a silver rally. His investment company, Electrum Group LLC, controls mines that are sitting on about one billion ounces of the precious metal.

When online traders swarmed the silver market last month, shares of one of those producers took off.

He said that he expects silver to unfold over the next couple of years,

Silver prices briefly jumped more than 10% to $30 a troy ounce in February. Many speculate that it had a dramatic increase because of the flood of traders that were reading forums on Reddit. The week before the silver push we saw the dramatic increase and volatility with Gamestop and the ability of a group of traders that were able to manipulate the price. After the gamestop push they focused their attention on large corporations shorting the silver price. They tried to push the price and bankrupt the short sellers of silver.

As of filming, it is hovering above $26. That is still more than 100% gain from last year.

Kaplan has quietly built up a silver mining empire during the past decade. He waited for long-stagnant prices to rebound.

A shift began last year, when investors started buying haven metals while the coronavirus roiled the global economy and sparked market volatility.

Another reason some analysts expect prices to continue rising: Central banks are printing record quantities of money to prop up their countries’ economies.

Some believe that will stoke inflation and erode investor confidence in paper currency, spurring demand for alternatives like bitcoin and precious metals.

Online investors took that idea and turbocharged it.

Kaplan has been promoting precious metals for years. In 2020, financial luminaries such as Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio took positions tied to gold and silver. It boosted the precious metal momentum ignited by the pandemic, ultralow interest rates and bets on future inflation.

But the final and probably most influential factor, sealing the deal on the silver rally is the refocus on sustainable energy.

The government is betting big on sustainable energy. As we know by now, silver is the heart of sustainable energy. Silver is the best conductor of electricity.

More demand means increase in value.

I do think America will succeed in leading the energy revolution and silver will be the biggest beneficiary.

Let me correct that, investors in silver, Kaplan being one of them, will be the biggest beneficiary.

So if you are thinking about investing in the future, invest in silver and Noble Gold will be here to guide you.



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