Ethereum price and Bitcoin price are going to be double a year from now – Frank Holmes


Frank Holmes executive chairman of Hive Blockchain Technologies, and CEO and CIO of U.S. Global Investors discusses his outlook for Bitcoin and Ethereum with Michelle Makori, Kitco’s Editor-in-Chief.

Holmes explains why he sees Ethereum and Bitcoin doubling in price a year from now.

Holmes discusses the meeting he attended convened by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, and Microstrategy CEO, Michael Saylor where the Bitcoin Mining Council was formed, to address issues of ESG and sustainability in crypto mining.  
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How to Buy Silver Bullion the Safe Way

Well, let’s start with coins! I love a good silver bullion coin especially if it’s minted by a government mint because then no one will argue with you on the content of the precious metal.

Chinese Government Recommends Investing in Gold and Silver

Gold is not just a metal used in jewelery; it is also a commodity that possesses the attributes of currency. It is also a financial commodity, besides being just a general commodity. There are lot of investment activities related to gold, mainly because it is a solid investment. Gold has always been considered to be an indispensable investment tool.

Buy Gold – How Much to Invest in Gold?

Are you looking to invest? Gold is a very viable and essential aspect of successful personal investing. The question is how much do you invest, and what is the best gold to buy? Discover more about buying gold in this latest article designed to help you find successful personal investing.

Why Gold Can Be the Best Investment?

The prices of gold can be volatile at times, but they will continue to rise. Historically, at times of uncertainty, gold is the best thing to keep your money in.

Gold Bullion in Coin Form is a Better Investment

Gold bullion coins bring extra value to your gold by giving it more value than the weight of the metal itself — they also have collectors’ value. Conversely, if gold skyrockets to $4000 per ounce, you can absolutely sell the coin for $4000 at the minimum, just like you would with gold bars.

Buying Gold Bullion As a Beginner

Buying gold bullion is a popular way that many people preserve their wealth and make a profit when prices change. For a beginner it can be a difficult skill to learn so this article will help you with that.

Silver Bullion Compared to Gold Bullion

Many precious metal investors commonly compare silver bullion to gold bullion, especially since both safe-haven metals tend to follow each others movement when spot prices are fluctuating. Precious metals have increased in popularity considerably in the past few years, especially since many investors have seen both gold and silver bullion prices skyrocketing while everything from stocks to bonds and real estate suffered amidst a contracting economy.

Bullion Investing

When it comes to short-term profiting with a gold investment, most investors turn to bullion investing because these popular safe-haven tools have proven their ability to increase in value considerably when paperbacked markets are losing value. Since 2001, bullion investing has outperformed stock, bond and real estate investing, thus it’s no surprise that wise Americans continue protecting and profiting with one of history’s most cherished assets.

Gold Coins – True Wealth in the Palm of Your Hands

For over 5000 years, gold coins have represented true wealth in the palm of your hands, and in the past decade alone, these increasingly popular safe-haven investments have given investors impressive profit and wealth preservation amidst massive economic contractions that have put us deep into one of the worst recessionary holes the United States has ever seen. There are many different types of gold coins that you could use for investment purposes, and they are all categorized into two distinct sections, the first ones being bullion coins and the second ones being certified rare coins.

Best Gold Investment Advice

Finding the best gold investment advice from knowledgeable experts is an excellent way to prepare a successful diversification with gold, and there are a few important pieces of advice that you could use to your advantage in order to maximize your profit and wealth preservation potential. First things first, before actually beginning a gold investment, it’s important that you thoroughly analyze your investing goals in order to determine whether a precious metal diversification could be right for you.

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