Gold price rallies while everything else collapses; $1,900 is just around the corner – Jim Wyckoff


As risk assets fall on Wednesday, gold finally catches a safe-haven bid and rallies.

Jim Wyckoff, senior analyst at Kitco News, told David Lin, anchor for Kitco, that momentum is still on the upside.
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Credit Suisse Gold Bars – 5 Reasons the Bank Says Buy

A June 2010 report published by the Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland outlines 8 reasons why they believe the price of gold will continue to rise in the foreseeable future. In this article we will take a look at 5 of those reasons.

Find Out How You Can Invest in Gold

In anxious times, when economy goes down, uncertainty becomes a stress factor. We all know want to preserve our assets, but we are not always aware of how we can do that. Paper money has only a notional value and we all need a more tangible insurance against currency decline. So, is there a way to store value and avoid an erratic behavior in the monetary system?

Why Do People Like to Invest in Gold Products?

Investing in gold has become a lot easier nowadays. Investors have turned to this solution to put their money in because they consider it to be both a safe and a profitable investment. This precious yellow metal is the most sought after metal in the world and at the same time, it is a very good inflation hedge which people want to take advantage of.

Preserving Your Wealth Through Numismatic Silver Coins

Silver coins have been utilized by different cultures and societies all over the world for trade purposes. They may in fact be the oldest recorded forms of mass currency in the known world. They were used as currency by the Ancient Greeks which dubbed their currency as drachma.

Gold Investing – Why Warren Buffett Doesn’t Invest in Gold

Warren Buffett figures that for a long time investor like himself gold is practically worthless. Warren doesn’t sell what he buys, he expects what he buys to return him a nice dividend. Since gold investment never earns a dividend and can’t make money until it is sold at a profit, his investment strategy does not allow him to buy gold as an investment.

People Prefer to Invest in Gold

Throughout the history of humanity, people have always showed a fascinating interest for gold. Symbol of wealth and power, it was also highly-sought after due to its property of serving as a store of value. People would buy gold and keep it for good storage and, when the time was right, retrieve and make use of it.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars – Who Else Wants a 50% Return in 2 Years

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to invest and profit from the massive boom that is happening in the gold bullion market right now. Did you know that if you bought a 1oz Credit Suisse gold bar in 2008 it would have cost you around $800. You could have sold that bar this May for $1200.

Is Investing in Silver So Profitable?

Is collecting silver bullion really an intelligent idea? As the experts say, the silver is enjoying great prices now and this is the reason why one should have it.

Investing in Gold Means Investing in Our Future

The economic market has encountered major changes in the previous years. Many currencies were not as safe as the investors would have liked to be. Only one option has proved reliable and this means investing in gold. The quote sheet proves that the price of this yellow metal has risen continuously in the last 5 years and the predictions claim that not much is going to change.

Gold and Silver Coins, The 80-20 Rule and the Need to Take Action Now

Gold and silver coins are a traditional way to protect one’s wealth against inflation, economic turmoil and financial disaster. With today’s turbulent economy many people are talking about the need and importance of buying gold and silver coins, but only a small percentage of people actually take the step of buying the coins. This article discusses the tendency towards inaction when it comes to buying gold and silver coins and offers a suggestion on how to overcome procrastination and take the steps needed to improve or financial security.

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