Gold price to hit $4,000 in 3 years, real inflation is at 12 % – Frank Holmes (Pt. 2/2)


Inflation is rising out of control and investors should hold cryptocurrencies, gold and real estate to protect their wealth, said Frank Holmes, CEO and CIO of U.S. Global Investors, and executive chairman of Hive Blockchain Technologies.

Holmes told Kitco News’ Editor-in-Chief Michelle Makori that he is sticking to his call that gold prices will hit $4,000 within three years.
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Options For Investing in Gold – 7 Mainstream Methods For Gold Investing

As a long term gold investor – I first became interested in Gold in 1998 – I have seen the options for investing in gold increase massively over the years along with the price of Gold. In that year, without any advice on how to invest in gold, I opened my first Gold investment account (in the equivalent of what is now a gold ETF).

What is a Good Gold Investment?

According to a recent report from Trinity College’s economics department, investors that have a small percentage of their overall portfolio dedicated to gold and other precious metals are weathering the economic gut shot much better than their other investments have taken over the last 5 years. In a nutshell Trinity’s report basically confirmed what speculators have been assuming for several years. Gold is great insurance against a volatile market.

The Price of Gold & Finding the Information That Matters Most

Now as an investor who really enjoys the Canadian junior mining sector, I have one concern. And quite frankly it’s where to find relevant information to make better buying decisions. Do I really have to check 10 websites to get what I want? Today is September 3, 2009, a beautiful fall day in Northern Ontario, home to some pretty important gold discoveries in it’s own right. Today the price of gold sits at $994.00 and begs to break through the magical $1,000.00 level. When the price of gold gets above that level some very important things start to happen.

Why Should I Invest in Maple Leaf Gold Coins? High Grade 24 Karat Gold

Maple Leaf gold coins are an excellent addition to your portfolio as they are very unique in many regards. The high degree of purity, plus the wide varieties of sizes makes these great investments for people of all degrees of wealth. The coins are minted from 24 karat Canadian gold, however, because of the fineness of the coins, they are softer and tend to scratch more easily.

Legacy of American Eagle Gold Coins – Highly Collectible Gold Coin

American Eagle gold coins, although a little late in starting, have become one of the most highly sought after gold coins for collectors and investors alike. They are traded world wide and like many other gold coins, are a hedge against inflation. The Mint offers two variations of American Eagle gold coins: one for bullion investors and one for collectors. The collector version goes through an incredible molding process to ensure that the quality of the coin is top notch…

Government Policy Changes the Gold Price

By understanding government policy and positions, educated predictions can be made regarding the gold price. Accurate predictions allows investors to make money as fluctuations in the gold price are accounted for before they even happen.

Gold Trading – An Easy and Effective Investment Option

Gold has been the medium of exchange since time immemorial. Gold is supposed to be the in-demand metal amongst online trading commodities. Though, gold is characterized with high volatility and uncertain returns yet, a large number of people who consider that gold trading is one of the best investment options.

Bullish Gold Investments Profit During Economic Meltdown

To say that global financial markets have had an interesting ride this year is to put things mildly. The first two months of the year saw fear and high volatility dominate, with heightened concerns of the stability of the banking system and calls for a second Great Depression. The past five and a half months have seen quite the opposite, as massive government stimulus has led investors to seek out risky assets behind the premise of economic recovery and a resumption of global growth.

Why Choose American Gold Coins? – Variety of Designs – Liquidity

Buying American gold coins is a good place to begin a collection, or to add to an investment portfolio. Coins that are minted by the US Government are certified and are traded world wide, and maintain high liquidity. Generally, purchasing American gold coins is cheaper, and the potential for profit when selling is very good. These coins are 22 karat gold, making them harder than the 24 karat coin, and thus they do not scratch as easily.

Tips For Silver Coin Investing

Silver coin investing is a great way to invest in your money in a low risk product. Silver coins retain their value better than many types of investment products. With the economy still shaky many investors are turning to silver coins as a way to get their feet making investments that are not likely to lose their value.

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