Gold vs Silver Stacking – Which is Better RIGHT NOW?


In this Silver Pros special we talk about gold vs silver stacking and which is better right now! Silver Pros is a series of livestreams which are sponsored by Hero Bullion and it’s a collab between myself, Silver Dragons, and Yankee Stacking. Silver is extremely hot right now and gold might be getting undervalued compared to silver. The gold vs silver debate has been around forever and the GSR is usually looked at to compare which is better and which is worse at any point in time. Gold and silver go up and down in price independent of each other so you need to keep up with the markets and stack accordingly. I have been buying silver bullion for years and I have not seen gold as good of buy as it is right now. You would need to go back to 2014 to find a similar GSR compared to right now. When looking at gold or silver 2021 you need to compare not only the gold silver ratio, but also the physical price ration between gold and silver. Gold or Silver investments are both good currently, but one might be better for you. Gold vs Silver investment should be done with research and purpose. I am currently buying more gold than silver because my silver stacking is much larger than my gold stack. I would encourage you to watch the entire gold vs silver video and then decide for yourself which is better for you.

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Where To Sell Gold Bullion, Coins And Jewellery

As the gold price soars to near historic highs reaching in excess of $1,000 per ounce, sellers have been faced by a onslaught of glaring electronic signs, flashy billboards and top level TV ads promising them that it is possible to make a killing through trading in their unwanted gold items especially jewelry. However what those ads are not saying takes the shine off the whole pitch by gold buyers.

Reasons To Sell Gold For Cash

Better Business Bureau stated gaining some knowledge on the different kinds of gold weighing scales is also very important before selling gold. This is because companies and jewelers use different types of scaling machines with different gram sizes for an ounce of gold. For instance, the standard weight of an ounce of gold is 28 grams. However, some companies and jewelers use the Troy ounce which weighs an ounce of gold at 31.1 grams.

Rare American Coins and Morgan Silver Dollar Proofs

Proof coins are the showpieces of the series of any coin and are therefore handled with extra care every step of their production. They represent the ultimate examples of that coin series.

Rare American Coins and Prooflike Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

A prooflike silver dollar is struck from a polished die that produces a reflective surface usually on the field and occasionally on the device. Prooflike coins were intended for circulation and no special care was taken in their handling.

Rare American Coins and the Creation of the Peace Silver Dollar

Farran Zerbe was the coin collector who founded the Chase Manhattan Bank Money Museum in New York City with his own superb coin collection. Farran Zerbe is credited with initiating the interest by Congress in a new silver coin commemorating the recent peace from the World War.

How To Appraise Gold And Silver In A Changing Market

Knowing how to appraise, or get the value, of your gold and silver is vital if you are to get a good deal. The simplest way in which you can appraise the value of a gold or silver item is by considering its bullion value. This is the value of the raw if it were to be melted and recycled, based on its weight and purity.

Do Careful Research to Find Out Where to Sell Gold

With the price of gold on the rise, many people are rummaging through their dresser drawers for any loose gold jewelry that they can sell for extra cash. If you have some pieces that you are ready to part with, you need to be aware of where to sell gold.

Best Gold IRA Rollover – How to Choose The Best Gold IRA Company

When it comes to buying gold, an IRA company is of great importance to you. The company is your custodian and is responsible for a number of things which include: Buying IRS-approved gold for you Setting up your self-directed IRA Ensuring that your gold is secure and safe Rolling over your existing IRA into a Gold IRA without any tax penalties Due to the importance of an IRA company, it’s good that you do your research and identify the best company in your area. A good company should be willing to do the following:

The Original and Counterfeit: 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar

The 1804 Draped Bust dollar is the most interesting and desirable of all U.S. coins, with many mysteries and underworld type stories surrounding it. Known as the “King of coins”, it is one of the most famous and valuable coins in the world.

How to Quickly and Confidently Spot a Fake 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar

1893-S Morgan silver dollars are so renowned, that more exist today than were originally minted. Most Counterfeit 1893-S Morgans consist of altered versions of existing genuine Morgan dollars.

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