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Colombia’s National Mining Agency reported that 11 people have been trapped since March 26 inside an illegal gold operation located in the central Caldas department.

According to the Agency, a 17-meter deep pit was flooded with at least 3 cubic meters of water, possibly more, given that the area is experiencing torrential rains.

Four entrances to the pit, two located to the south of the main well and two to the north are completely covered by water.

Rescue teams had to be taken to the site via rail as the main roads had been damaged and blocked by ongoing storms.

The Mining Safety and Rescue Group, the fire department, the Civil Protection Agency, local authorities, other miners, personnel from Canada’s Caldas Gold, and other emergency organizations have been at the site day and night, trying to bring the miners back to the surface.

Electric pumps have been installed to extract water and authorities asked the Caldas Hydroelectric Plant to make the necessary adjustments to maintain a 220v three-phase current, which guarantees that the pumping equipment can efficiently operate.

As of recording, no progress has been reported. Noble Gold is sorry that this happened and stands by the miners’ families during this emergency in Neira’s El Bosque community.

Unfortunately, things like this are common in the mining industry. So many illegal mines continue to operate and it’s all because of one thing.

Precious metal is a highly coveted commodity and asset. From the jewelry industry to religious artifacts to the medical industry to electronics… gold and other precious metals are needed and we don’t have enough of them.

Mining it, however, isn’t cheap. And yes, that adds to the price of gold.

To go around this, some people are buying gold from the black market. Yes, that may save you money but that may also mean you are supporting an illegal industry that puts the lives of miners at risk.

We, of course, want these miners to continue being employed. We want them to work but we want them to be safe while they do so.

Yes, the economic climate and uncertainty of the future makes investing in gold a necessity but if you are going to do so, do it through legal means.

Buy gold from legitimate companies like Noble Gold Investment.




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