How To Protect Your Investment Portfolio In 2021 | How To Fight Inflation In 2021



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The GameStop incident inspired people to look into investing. Now further into the year, as the world is recovering from the economic effects of the pandemic, investments are an important consideration.

If we’ve learned anything from the unprecedented events of 2020, it’s that financial decisions should figure in the unexpected and we should cover all bases.

While the world goes gaga over stocks and crypto, pay attention to precious metals. You gotta protect those investments.

Here are some more things I do to my own investments.

1- I Diversify My Portfolio with Liquid Assets

Liquid assets are those that can be easily converted into cash if needed. I keep enough for emergencies.

Liquid assets can be anything from cash kept in a savings account, bonds, money markets, mutual funds, and others.

Ultimately, it’s important to have easy access to your investments. Precious metals, like gold and silver, believe it or not, are easily convertible to cash.

You can always call us if you want to liquidate or know how to liquidate your portfolio.

2- Protect Your IRA

Most people make investments with their future in mind. That means 401K or IRa for many people.

Gold and silver IRAs can help individuals keep their investment portfolios diverse while providing a tangible asset to have on hand. Historically, gold and silver can be less volatile to market changes and inflation and have had enduring value over time.

After a year of such significant economic volatility, on a global scale, many individuals found their retirement accounts vulnerable to such significant changes. Incorporating gold and silver into these investment accounts can help provide yet another layer of protection.

3- I start with stable market

I look for dependable assets. While it may not yield the quick return of a more risky investment, like those Cryptocurrencies, it is there for the long haul which makes it a great store of value

And there has never been a better asset that stores value than gold. Cash inflates. The value of your cash 10 years ago is only half now, at best. The value of gold you bought 10 years ago is the same now at worst.

Here is my principle. I play the long game. I invest for my future and i look into assets that will secure it.



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The Manufacturing Process of Gold Bars

Cast gold bars are usually produced directly from melted gold. However, the way in which melted gold is used to manufacture these bars can vary. The three main types of gold bars being manufactured are:

Investing in Gold 101

Because gold is the way it is, there’s no real way to beat the market. You may be able to buy when its low and sell when its high, but in general, you can’t predict it. Back in Feb 2009, gold rise to over $1000 an ounce.

Gold – What is the Return on Investment (ROI)?

Investing in gold usually means a long-term investment for five to ten years or more. Is there a right time to invest in gold? Many people ask this question, since the price keeps changing, almost on an hourly basis.

Gold and Silver Bullion Are the Only “Real Money”

Gold, Silver, and Platinum Bullion will protect your net worth. By saving in precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum bullion, you can secure your personal net worth from any risk of loss, unlike saving in a depreciating fiat currency. In order to prepare for the storm ahead, at least one third of a person’s total net worth should consist of real, tangible wealth such as precious metals.

An Investment That Could Rocket Faster Than Gold

An investment should rocket faster than gold over the next 12-24 months giving you an return of something between 100-300% on each dollar that you are going to invest in it. So what can be that investment? Read on to know that investment that can rocket faster than gold over the next one to two years.

Why You Should Invest in Gold

Man people are skeptics about gold. You shouldn’t be afraid to invest in gold at all. Here’s why.

Is Gold the Right Investment For Me?

Should you invest in gold? For many people, this looks like a safe investment, After all, gold is considered as an insurance against financial woes such as inflation, deflation, currency collapse and other calamities. But the truth may surprise you.

Why is Gold Such a Good Investment?

Gold is a precious metal, which is important and invaluable since it has been discovered. There is no alternate for gold; although there are more estimable metals like, technetium, rhodium, platinum etc, but the utility and importance of gold is unique.

The Price of Gold Continues to Surge

Gold has always been a popular investment, and is now even more so. The people of Asia have always invested in gold jewellery as well as bullion. After the global financial crisis last year, the importance of gold as an investment has increased even more.

5 Tips For People Wanting to Invest in Gold

Gold is a fascinating precious commodity for men and women for many centuries. Its splendour and glitter never faded during all these years. The question is if you have ever thought of investing in gold as a part of your investment plan?

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