INN CEO Talks: MAS Gold CEO Jim Engdahl


MAS Gold Corp (TSXV:MAS) CEO Jim Engdahl presents the company’s projection of producing a million ounces of gold that will lead the company to become one of the more prolific gold producers of the world. MAS Gold recently completed its 2021 drill campaign at its Greywacke Lake and Preview-North Properties in La Ronge, Northern Saskatchewan.


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Why Is Gold Assay Becoming Popular in the United States?

Over the past few years, a new trend is being observed in the United States. The popularity of gold assay has been steadily going up. The prices of gold have risen almost 200 percent over the last five years, and are expected to rise even further than that.

When Should You or Your Friends Sell Old Gold?

With the ongoing economic crisis, the gold rate has reached record prices and has been fluctuating constantly. The prices tend to go up one day and may quickly drop the next, while sometimes they might be on the rise for as long as a week before dropping and maybe even reaching steady levels. It is therefore essential that you know the current price of gold as it directly influences the amount of money you make when you sell old gold jewelry.

How the Stock Market Today Helps the Buyers Gold Market

Today’s stock market – The stock market today is extremely unreliable. The uncertainty has reached an all new high, and the august storm is yet to settle. On August 18th, every stock in the S&P 500 fell.

Where Do I Go If I Have Gold to Sell?

One thorough clean-up of your house and you will find that there are a lot of old things that you might not need but might still are worth a lot. And sometimes, you might just find treasure – old jewellery, broken watches that are made of gold or scrap. The first thing that would then come to your mind would be “I have gold to sell, where do I go?”

Why Should You Take Your Gold to a Gold Shop?

The statistics say it all. The price of gold has increased from 300 dollars an ounce in 2000, to 1500 dollars an ounce today, a remarkable 400 percent appreciation. Many economists believe that the prices of gold will rise even further for a year or so before it begins the reversal trend.

Cash for My Gold Is a Good Way to Make Some Extra Money

In the fast growing modern economy, even with high levels of growth and advancements, prices are on the rise. Prices of almost everything, ranging from simple household commodities to necessary services like health care, education, house prices, are increasing. There’s only so much that your salary can cover.

Who Buys Silver and Why It’s a Wise Investment Choice

In the past it was only the wealthy and investment savvy who where buyers of silver and gold, this is no longer the case. While Gold is often seen as the super model of precious medals in the long run Silver may end up being the better buy for investors.

History Of Silver Prices

Silver is a lustrous metallic element that has had luxurious value throughout the history alongside gold and other precious metals. Even though the silver price history suggests that the value of other precious metals and gemstones were much higher than that of silver, it has always been considered an item of luxury and royalty throughout the history.

Gold Projections

Gold projections of the future and the prospects of where the yellow metal is going shows that it has gained value at over 500% since 2001 and will continue to climb. The dollar, on the other hand, is down 20%. It is my belief that the dollar will continue to be a loser and will fall at an accelerated pace making gold and silver ascend beyond our imagination.

3 Reasons the Gold Price Will Rise

There are three major reasons why gold should outperform over the next 3 to 5 years. Central bank policy, geopolitical instability and financial system problems will all propel the gold price higher.

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