Is Now a Good Time to Buy Gold (or Silver)?


Is now a good time to invest in gold or silver? Do you stack precious metals? Are you a gold stacker, silver stacker, or both?

Would you add 999 or 9999 gold bullion? 999 or 9999 Silver Bullion, junk silver or constitutional silver, silver bars? American Silver Eagles (ASE) or Silver Maples? Or some of each? American Gold Eagles (AGE) or a different fractional gold government backed bullion? If premiums are high while spot prices are low, is it better to hold your cash and buy later?

Being a stacker is about being independent and about personal responsibility, so it might make sense to not even buy precious metals at this time. Having an emergency cash savings fund is important as well as paying off debt. Only you know your own financial situation.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial planner, so this is not financial advice. This is for illustrative and entertainment purposes only. Please conduct your own research prior to investing in gold, silver, or other investments.

This is the story of new mining discoveries being reborn out of the ashes of old mines.

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Why Investing In Gold Is Smart Especially For Retirement Plans

The purpose of this Article is to briefly analyse why investing in Gold and Silver is an intelligent investment decision. It also highlights how Retirement Funds should have an exposure to these assets.

Is The Valcambi 50 Gram Gold CombiBar A Wise Investment?

The Valcambi 50 Gram Gold CombiBar has received a lot of press and interest recently as world turmoil grows. Find out what the purpose of owning a CombiBar is and if it really makes sense for you to buy as an investment or hedge against uncertainty.

American Gold Coin Value and Collecting Them by Type

The most basic and inexpensive way to collect American gold coins is to assemble a denomination set by type. A basic denominational type set would focus on the most common types in a grade range which makes sense to the individual collector.

Mandela Medallions and Coins

Mandela bullion coins are very popular collectible coins with constantly growing value. They portray Nelson Mandela, former president of the South African Republic, humanitarian and anti-apartheid activist. They are minted in his honor and symbolize Mandela’s legacy, democracy, equality and hope.

Silver and Gold – Rare American Coins, the Changing Face of Miss Liberty

Have you noticed how the face of “Miss Liberty” changed over the centuries of American gold and silver coins? She went from mature in the beginning to young and attractive by the 20th century. When our nation was just forming, we had a mature Miss Liberty. As the US matured, we started adopting a younger Miss Liberty symbol. Were tastes changing?

Coin Authentication Guide

If you are a coin collector and want to avoid buying low quality or counterfeit coins you should learn some basics of coin authentication. This way your investments will be safe and your mind will be at peace.

Rare American Coin Collecting Resources for Serious Collectors

I have written other articles giving coin collecting advice to collectors with certain budgets for their gold and silver rare coins. Now, I have some advice for pretty much everyone in the hobby.

Silver Rare American Coins From the Year 1921

What were they thinking in 1921 when they minted 87,736,473 Morgan and Peace silver dollars, but left nothing for collectors of other silver coins to collect. The 3 US mints struck 86,730,000 Morgan silver dollars. By contrast to striking so incredibly many silver dollars that year, they struck almost no dimes, quarters or half dollars.

Is It Advisable To Invest In Silver And Gold? Uncover The Facts

This article focuses on the key aspects of why people should invest in gold. Paper currencies will eventually fail, which is why we must all invest in something that will continue to maintain its worth like precious metals, because the have done so throughout the course of history.

Buy Low Sell High – Gold Going Up – Grand Cross Coming

Gold has dropped in price over recent months while many stock markets have posted all-time highs. What’s going on? Vast amounts of money have been pumped into the system, the media wants us to believe that we are out of a global recession and people are beginning to believe them! Investors are looking for yields on their money as interest rates are at almost zero in most western countries and they are turning to the stock markets for leverage on their funds. How long is this pattern likely to continue?

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