Marc Lichtenfeld: Gold, Value Stocks Key as Inflation Looms


This interview was filmed on April 8, 2021.

Gold’s price performance this year has so far not matched 2020’s record-setting levels, but many market watchers believe the long-term picture continues to look positive. 

Marc Lichtenfeld, chief income strategist at the Oxford Club, shared two factors he views as positive price drivers for the yellow metal.

He also spoke about other opportunities he sees at the moment, including in the biotech sector.

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0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Positive price drivers for gold
1:17 – Inflation expectations for 2021
2:55 – Fighting inflation with value stocks
5:22 – Investing under a Biden presidency
8:41 – Opportunities in the biotech market
12:34 – Final words of advice for investors
13:42 – Outro


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How Inflation Affects the Value of Gold

The currencies of all the major economies are set to inflate for the short to at least the medium term. This is because of the 2008 financial crisis. When this occurred, the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, and much of the European Union had their central banks engage in a type of quantitative easing. What quantitative easing is is when the central banks basically increase the money supply in order to provide more money and to counter the effects of the credit crunch.

How The Economy Can Directly Affect the Price of Gold

The price of gold is determined by a number of different factors. Like any other commodity, supply and demand plays a key role in the price of gold. When the supply is tight and the demand is great, the price of gold will rise. Conversely, when the supply is more abundant and the demand not as great, the price of gold will tend to drop. In today’s world wide economy, gold is in high demand. Countries like China and India have been accumulating large amounts of the precious metal and have helped to drive the price higher.

A Short History of the British Sovereign

The first gold sovereign was designed and minted under King Henry VII in 1489. Since then, it has risen in prominence to become one of the premier gold coins currently minted by any nation. However, it had a long and convoluted road in those centuries to make it to where it is today.

The Gods of Inflation

The entire U.S. financial system and its markets remain highly unstable and vulnerable. At the same time, the Federal Reserve and the federal government are desperately dedicated to forestalling and/or preventing systemic collapse and broad price deflation. These efforts to push off systemic collapse have resulted in uncontrolled and insane fiscal excesses by, and for the benefit of, the federal government.

How to Protect Yourself From the Economy! S and P Downgrading of US Credit

Did you hear about the S&P downgrading the U.S Credit Rating? Scary times are coming and it’s your responsibility to you and your family to protect yourself in the right way. Silver and Gold is a great way to protect yourself from the years to come, read to learn more.

The Enhanced Gold Liquidity

A liquidity portfolio has lots of challenges as was made clear by the recent financial crisis in 2009. The credit rating of an asset does not necessary equate to the liquidity level as there are different agreements involved in the process and guidelines which must be taken into consideration.

This Is The Best Time To Sell Gold

You may notice this but lot of pawnshops and jewelry stores now are buying gold jewelries because they can make more turnovers from them. Melting the gold can turn it into a brand new jewelry with a fresher and newer look. There are a lot to learn in selling gold, and it’s now time for you to start learning for more income and earnings.

Salvation Gold And Silver

Gold and silver are real money. In the classical sense of the word they are your economic salvation. This has been their function and purpose for thousands of years. Unfortunately, most people will choose to ignore every sign and every piece of evidence that the world has changed and we must act in accordance with our real reality. Please don’t be one of them.

The History of Buying Gold Bullion As an Investment

Buying gold bullion as an investment is a method of using real money to create real wealth dating back to the dawn of civilization. In this article I discuss the history of buying gold as an investment and methods in which a modern investor can make a direct investment in gold.

Investing in Silver As the Silver Spot Price Rises

The silver value has soared to its highest silver spot price in three decades. The outlook for silver prices depends on which expert you talk to. Some are expecting a major pull back in price before continuing on to test a price of $50 this year. Others look at an adjusted for inflation price of $130 per ounce. Another issue driving gold and silver prices is the high demand by nation states.

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