NextSource EVP Brent Nykoliation : “We didn’t choose the deposit, it chose us.”


NextSource Materials (TSX:NEXT OTCQB:NSRCF) leverages Madagascar’s high quality graphite, and secures exclusive partnerships to fully fund its Molo Mine and sustain the leap in the EV market’s demand for battery materials.

Brent Nykoliation, Executive Vice President says, “Being in Madagascar is actually
special. We didn’t choose the deposit it chose us. Madagascar is blessed to have one of the highest quality graphites in the world. It’s been shipping graphite for over 100 years. The Madagascar asset puts us in a nice position.”

Nikoliation said they managed to secure a very exclusive and special partnership that’s well established and supplied and currently in the tesla supply chain.

“Right now, there is this demand and race to try and secure the supply for the battery materials. We’ve been fully funded to reach production through our very strategic partner Vision Blue Resources, so we’ll be up and running by April 2022,” Nykoliation added.

Targeting mine commissioning by April 2022, the Company’s Molo graphite project in Madagascar is regarded as one of the largest and highest-quality graphite resources in the world and the only project with SuperFlake® graphite.


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