Platinum & Palladium vs Gold & Silver


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Platinum and palladium are both precious metals, just like gold and silver, because their occurrence in the earth’s crust is rare. In fact, platinum is actually more rare than gold. So why doesn’t GoldSilver sell them?
It has to do with their uses, and their status as a safe haven. Here’s what you need to know before investing in these metals…
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$10 Eagle – A Gold Bullion Beauty

The $10 Eagle bullion gold coin is an official and traditional American coin. The Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985 mentions the authorized release of this gold coin. The United States Mint launched the coin back in 1986.

Things Your Stock Broker Won’t Tell You About Owning Gold

Gold is a very valuable asset, period. It tends to hold its value much better than other means of investing and can often provide a great asset to invest in even when there is nothing else out there that looks attractive to put your money into. Your stock broker will always tell you that the market will go back up, “Buy and hold” is the broker mantra.

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Gold proof coins are popular among both gold coin collectors and investors. But what exactly are they? This article examines how a gold proof coin differs from the regular, everyday “business strike” gold coin.

The St. Gaudens Gold 20 Dollar Coin – A Great Investment

The pre-1933 $20.00 St. Guaden’s gold piece is a beautiful collector’s coin which deserves the consideration of hobbyists world-wide. Minted from 1907 through 1933, they are not a bullion piece. Rather, they are among the most coveted among the rare American gold coins.

ETF Gold Trusts Vs Allocated Gold Bullion – Which is Safer?

There is a lot of confusion today about the difference between holding gold ETF’s and gold bullion. Most people believe that by holding gold ETF shares they are holding the equivalent of gold bullion. And we are informed that this is the intention of the originators of these gold ETF trusts. However, as we well know, intentions are not always the same as reality.

Investing in Gold and Silver – A Stable Market

Investing in gold and silver is a significantly more stable market than that of stocks. Their prices hardly inflate, and the actual manner of investing takes on many forms. This article weighs the risks and benefits of the gold and silver market.

Silver Bullion Investments

When precious metals come in bulk, they are considered to be bullion and are often traded in the market. Silver bullion is one form and is generally minted into coins and can also be cast into ingots. A bullion coin is often kept as an investment instead of being used as everyday currency.

Pamp Suisse Gold Bullion Bars – Why You Should Invest in Pamp Suisse Gold

Pamp Suisse Gold Bullion Bars are a wonderful investment. The Pamp trademark is accepted by traders and gold wholesalers worldwide. They pay particular attention to quality, and their brand is recognized worldwide as a guarantee of excellence. If you collect gold coins, adding bars is a way to increase your profits in the future, should you decide to sell.

The Price of Gold in Troubled Economic Times

Gold has always had a value because it is a real commodity. When it was first used as a way to buy and sell items, and turned into a legal form of currency for both domestic and international use, there was a standard set on the value of that gold, and the face value of it was the same across the board in most cases. The price of gold has varied throughout the years, hitting many highs and lows as it is invested in, but once the 20th century came along, gold was no longer taken at face value because it had been replaced by the U.S. paper dollar whose value was measured for many years based on the gold standard.

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