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The S.S. Central America, carrying what was then valued to be $1.6 million worth of gold – wasn’t supposed to sink.

Captain William Herndon, famous in the naval service including for his explorations of the Amazon River earlier in the decade, commanded it. It had the United States Navy captains at the helm.

You don’t get any more confident than that.

The voyage started out smooth until the breeze intensified to a strong wind, finally reaching gale force. The S.S. Central America was tossed about in the waves, but continued on her course.

By Friday morning, the crew was still in control, but the ship was tossing violently. At 11 a.m. Captain Herndon told the passengers that the ship was in danger and enlisted the aid of all men to bail water with a bucket brigade.

At one point, the captain ordered all passengers to the port side for balance.

At about 1:00 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, help came in the form of the brig Marine under the command of Captain Hiram Burt and ten crew members, drew closer.

Aboard the sinking S.S. Central America, Captain Herndon ordered women and children on deck, preparatory to boarding lifeboats.

Historian Normand Klare wrote that as if to illustrate how little value was the gold, people brought out bags of gold and scattered it on the floor, asking all who wanted money to help themselves. A few ladies picked up pieces, but none took more than two $20 coins.

A few minutes past 8:00 p.m. a tremendous wave hit the S.S. Central America. She shuddered, timbers broke, and with hundreds of men huddled at the front of the ship and Captain Herndon on the starboard paddle-box, she slipped at a sharp angle beneath the waves.

Many, including Herndon, went down with the ship, while she clung to wreckage or bobbed about in hollow tin or cork-filled life preservers.

Soon thereafter the S.S. Central America came to rest in the darkness 8,000 feet below the surface, about 160 miles offshore of Charleston, South Carolina with all the gold it carried.

And there it would rest for nearly 130 years…

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