Should I sell Gold Now?


Should I sell Gold Now? Definately not!

#Gold is not making any highs in many months, but do current prices reflect reality? We don’t think so.

In today’s video, Dave Rusell of GoldCore TV reviews the case of Archegos Capital Management and relates it to the gold market which proved that prices often are false signals, a picture painted by others who may have different agenda.

So is the bull market over for gold? Watch this entire video to find out more and if you want to read more go and check out your latest blog…

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Rare American Coins and the Draped Bust Silver Dollar Series

The new Draped Bust design silver dollar was introduced in October of 1795 and 42,738 examples were struck before the end of the year. These coins are proportionately less rare than the earlier flowing hair design, but there are 30 or so, MS-64 or MS-65 examples.

Numismatic Coins – 3 Good Reasons for Investing

Numismatic and bullion coins are both great investments. Here in this article, I list three good reasons why one should invest in numismatic coins.

Investment Potential for Common Date MS Morgan Silver Dollars

After the 1918 Pittman Act silver coin meltdown, about 30 million Morgans survive in uncirculated condition. Almost 20% of these have actually been graded. Considering the population of U.S. is now 300 million that leaves only one MS Morgan Silver dollar for every 10 people in the U.S.

Reasons to Start Investing in Gold

Gold has been known for its rich value around the world and has been part of culture for thousands of years. As early as 800 B.C, there were gold coins. Pure gold coins came 300 years later. Investing in gold has taken a new turn recently due a variety of reasons. Why should you invest in gold? Read on.

Investing in Gold for Massive Profits

A very low world percentage population is rich enough not to worry of their financial status or what their money does. The rest of us have the option to invest with what we have. Gold investment has taken a new turn and garnered lots of investors. How do you venture in this field and get maximum returns? Read on to know more!

Do More People Prefer to Invest in Gold or Silver?

Investing in precious metals is seen as the best form of investment nowadays especially for retirement savers. Gold and silver are the most popular precious metal investments as compared to platinum and palladium. The two precious metals are invested on in high numbers as their prices are interchangeably high. See which is preferred in the article.

What Is a Good Amount of Gold to Invest In?

Most people fail to invest in gold as they are ignorant of what it takes. You may think that you need to be affluent to venture in gold and thus shy away from what you should have been done a long time ago. How much gold do you need to start? Read on for more!

Strategies for Investing in Gold

People today are planning for gold in very different ways. The investors are applying varying tactics to invest and get great returns in gold. Some are investing in real gold, others in gold stocks and others in mining companies. Still some investors are going for exchange traded funds. You can also succeed in gold by applying simple strategies as mentioned in the article.

Investing in Gold With Minimal Risk

It is easy to lose while investing in gold if you are ignorant of how the market operates. You may lose your money through scams or even through the way you manage your gold investment. First you should stay void of scams in the gold market and then ensure that you choose your investment wisely and timely. More in the article!

Reasons to Invest in American Eagle Gold Coins

Most people have a challenge in choosing whether to invest in gold coins or gold bars. The American eagle gold coins have been in the gold market since 1986. They offer a lot of benefits to the investors which should not be trivialized. As the precious metals business gains popularity, investors have to make the right choice. Read the benefits in this article!

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