Silver and Gold Prices Soar with Inflation Crushing the Dollar – Lior Gantz Interview


In this video I interview Lior Gantz and we talk about silver, gold, inflation, dollar weakness, and a potential silver squeeze moving forward. Silver prices have much room to go up and Lior believes that we could see a new all time high silver price this decade. Inflation is crushing the US Dollar and this can drive up silver prices much higher. Gold prices can go up as well as a reaction to dollar weakness. With currency expansion and velocity of money picking up there is no telling how low the dollar can go. Lior Gantz explains why now is a good time to be buying silver and buying gold because investing in silver and gold can protect you from dollar weakness. Silver stacking and Gold stacking can be a great way to store your wealth with the storm approaching. The DXY dipped below 90 and if it continues to fall then silver prices can go much higher. Feel free to check out Lior Gantz’s website and keep on stacking!

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Gold Bullion – The Insurance Policy No One Talks About

To protect your home against destruction, you purchase an insurance policy, right? Gold bullion is a form of financial insurance and should be regarded as so. Not as an investment but as insurance against the erosion of purchasing power caused by the collapsing dollar.

Investing in Gold

There are many ways that an investor can invest in gold. The popular method is buying gold bullion where you can have a direct and measurable exposure. This will come at a premium, but you have a commodity which can be traded globally.

Are You a Modern Day Gold Miner?

Since both the Gold Rush of San Francisco and the Gold Rush of South Africa have been discussed, it is known that both of these as well as with other Gold Rushes throughout the world have required one major thing: mining for the scrap gold. However due to online transaction opportunities, you can exchange cash for gold with out ever having to go deep down into a dark and cold mine! And how does he or she go about doing this? It is by “excavating” and requesting that gold pack place your jewelry in it and just wait for your return.

Buying American Bullion Coins – What Matters to a Precious Metals Investor?

The price of both silver and gold is up this year. If you’ve been looking to buy US bullion coins, here are some tips on what you are going to be looking for as an investor rather than a coin collector. Gold and silver eagles are still easy to find if you aren’t looking for proof coins.

Buy Silver Bullion Bars Online

It is so easy to buy silver bullion bars. You shouldn’t be overwhelmed just because this involves a hefty amount.

What is a Gold Bar?

Gold is amongst the most precious metals in the world, and has always been a representation of affluence and luxury. Although, it is extensively used in jewellery, it has many other uses such as in gold coins, and bars. Gold fetches a high price in the market, and the rate of gold is an important part of the economy of the world.

Buy Gold Bullion Bars Online

If you buy gold bullion bars, you have to double check whether the manufacturers you are getting these bars are credible. There are ways for you to confirm this information.

Greenbacks Or Gold Bars

If you happen to have some reserve currency laying around, you may want to trade those Greenbacks for Gold Bars. If you plan on holding on to your net worth, that is.

Investing in Gold – What You Absolutely Need to Know

Have you been thinking about investing in gold? How exactly does it work? If you want to learn more about gold investment, here’s it. We’ll reveal to you what investing in gold is like.

How Do I Find the Value of Gold Coins?

With the price of gold remaining strong, you may have reached a decision to sell those old gold coins you have stashed away. Or you may be thinking of purchasing gold coins, and want to know the true value of gold coins before you go along to a dealer.

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