Silver Pros S1E6 – Silver Stacking 2021 (The Best Silver for Stacking!)


This is the 6th episode of Silver Pros where you can learn to stack like a pro! This is a live stream hosted by Silver Dragons and Yankee Stacking. During the stream we talk precious metals and do GIVEAWAYS! If you win anything then please contact myself or Yankee Stacking to get your prize. The giveaways and show is sponsored by Hero Bullion. Please read the complete rules below for eligibility:

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Silver Eagle Sets Vs Silver Eagles Rolls – Which One Should You Buy?

If you are a serious collector or a savvy investor of silver bullion, then you have at one time or another been confronted with the choice of buying either Silver Eagle Sets or Silver Eagles Rolls. So how do you decide which version to buy? The answer to that question generally depends upon the reason that you are buying the coins in the first place.

Silver Bullion Investing Basics – Three Reasons Why

There are many reasons to invest in silver. And there are many ways to invest in silver. This discussion focuses on long-term silver investing in silver bullion. There are three basic reasons to invest in silver bullion. Depending on how high inflation rises, one, two, or all three could pay off over the course of the next two to ten years.

Buy One Kilo Gold Bars

Buying one kilo gold bars is considered the best way of making an investment. It has for sure, beaten all other methods of investment as the value of gold remains high even during recession or economic downturn.

What Determines the Cost of a Gold Bar?

Gold is one of the most in demand precious metals. The cost of a gold bar depends on the current price of gold, and the size and weight of the gold bar itself. Read on and find out more.

Protect Yourself by Learning How to Buy Scrap Gold, Silver, and Platinum

Ever since Cash 4 Gold aired their commercial thousands of times on national TV there has been a gold craze. Millions of people are selling their broken, or unwanted jewelry to practically anyone who is willing to buy it. Depending on who they sell their gold to they will get anywhere from 15-75% for their gold. Since refiners pay about 95% for gold, you can see that even those paying 75% will still make an easy 20% on the gold they buy.

Why The Gold Price Can Only Go Up

Gold is a finite resource: with the current extraction rate (2,500 tonnes per year), underground gold reserves last only another 20 years (51,000 total reserves). A growing world population and increasing overall wealth drives up gold demand for jewelry and industrial purposes. Central banks increase their gold reserves: Since 2009 central banks have become net gold purchasers.

How Gold Dealers Make Money

A common misconception among gold buyers is that gold dealers make money when the price of gold increases, and subsequently lose money when the price of gold decreases. Generally speaking, nothing could be further from the truth. Gold dealers are highly risk averse given the volatility of the metals market, and so they are very unlikely to speculate on future spot price.

100 Oz Silver Bars – 8 Reasons To Buy These Larger Sized Bars

100 oz silver bars that are produced in this larger size have many advantages over investing in bullion coins. Let’s look at the 8 top reasons for investing in silver bars of this size…

Buy Gold Sovereigns For Investment And Collection

Gold sovereigns are often chosen to celebrate a special event or occasion and are considered to be a uniquely patriotic purchase. It is an important symbol of the British Empire. The gold sovereign coin represents the wealth and prosperity of the British Empire.

Start a Wealthy Lifestyle by Learning on How to Buy Gold Bullion

When you have already been convinced to start investing in bullion, then the only thing you need to worry about is the act of purchasing some for yourself. Want to learn more?

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