The Four Horsemen of the gold price Apocalypse – Lobo Tiggre


Lobo Tiggre, of The Independent Speculator, is long-term bullish on gold, but said that it is nonetheless important to consider four potential bear cases.

0:00 – Gold’s base case
5:40 – Bear case #1: Bitcoin eating gold’s lunch
9:40 – Bear case #2: Deflation
17:26 – Bear case #3: Manipulation
21:29 – Bear case: #4: No safe-haven demand
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Predicted Gold Price 2012

Do not be surprised if gold prices hit $2000 an ounce as early as 2013, as the economy further destabilizes and investors continue to look for safe havens and are in need of financial security in the coming years. World recognized trends forecasters, known by many around the world as the most addictive & highly accurate.

A Gold Mine In Rare Coins – How To Make A 7135% Return On Your Money

Did you know if you invested in rare coins in 1970, you could have made a 7135% return on your investment? There are many stories in which rare coins purchased by savvy investors (in the 1950’s) using only a few thousand dollars, realized hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars at auction many years later! In addition, the variety of options are endless.

Gold Price Market Overview and Gold Mining Stock Option – Diversify Investment Portfolio With Gold

Gold investments are a popular way to diversify one’s investment portfolio. Current knowledge about gold price trends and the relative marketplace are vital. Diversification of gold investments through gold mining stocks is one way portfolio managers hope to secure a successful rate of return.

How to: Gold Pan

In this article series I want to show you some of the tools needed to find gold, today.. how to gold pan. Because we don’t want to crush tons of stone to collect at least some grams of gold we will take another method.

What Is Happening To The Price Of Gold?

What is the current cycle of gold? How do we know which way it is going to go? As an investment vehicle we need to understand that there are global cycles happening in the world that affect the price of gold.

Gold Rises As Greek Bond Deal Looks Likely

Yesterday, gold managed to break its $200-moving day average and is now trading back above $1,700, just, 3 days of continual loses. Gold prices fell below $1,700 on Monday after official data released from China at the annual meeting of the National People’s Congress. China’s economic growth target has been revised down to 7.5% and this is the first time since 2005 that China is expecting to see growth fall below 8%. This announcement had a heavy impact on the markets and gold prices slipped, as the prospect of a modest slowing in GDP growth could also have negative ramifications for China’s appetite for gold jewellery.

The Pros And Cons Of Returning To The Gold Standard

The dire state of the economy is forcing world leaders to seriously consider a return to the gold standard for the first time since it was dropped in 1971. It would essentially mean that nations around the world would agree to fix the prices of their currencies in terms of a specific amount of gold. For example, gold could be set at $2,000 an ounce so $200 would be 1/10 of an ounce of gold.

Saving Gold May Be More Trouble Than It’s Worth

The recent trend suggests that gold is extremely volatile right now. From hitting the dizzying heights of more than $1,900 per ounce in August, gold started to fall drastically. Investment terminology described it as a ‘correction’ but this was bad news for investors, especially since experts predicted that gold would surpass $2,000 an ounce by the end of 2011. As of November 22, 2011, gold is at approximately $1,700 an ounce, a long way shy of this target. So the question is: Should you hang on to your precious metal and wait for the price of gold to rise or is it best to sell with the market being so unpredictable? Essentially, is holding on to gold more trouble than it’s worth?

What Are All These Gold Buyers Doing With the Gold?

If you have been paying attention over the past couple of years, there are thousands of companies that are actively trying to buy old, unwanted scrap gold from consumers around the world. You’ve probably listened to your fair share of commercials featuring testimonials that usually go something like “I got $500 for my scrap gold.” Perhaps you’ve begun to wonder what these gold buying companies are doing with the gold. In fact, some folks think that it’s a government conspiracy and that the gold buyer is actually a secret agent working for Uncle Sam, sent to buy up all the planet’s gold for some unperceivable reason that has yet to be revealed.

How a Weak Dollar Affects Gold Prices

Gold prices seem to be unstoppable, but the U.S. dollar continues to dip. How does the weakening dollar affect the price of gold? You may have heard it said that bad news for the economy is always good news for gold prices. And that seems to be true. When the U.S. dollar begins to fall in value, gold prices go up. To understand the see-saw effect that the weak dollar has on the price of gold, it is important to understand the relationship that the two have shared over the years.

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