The Top Gold Coin to Buy in 2021 – This May Shock You.


Could this be The Top Gold Coin to Buy in 2021? The Gold Britannia 2021 is a truly game changing coin in design, purity, and security. Its a big time upgrade and is going to rival the American Gold Buffalo. Both coins are wonderful and I will stack both. Once the new American Gold Eagle comes out later this year, we will get a look to see if it keeps the top gold coin status. Until then, the Britannia is a great option any day.


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Why Silver Coin Prices Are Good for Investment

Gold and silver are two different types of precious metals that people invest in. If persons are asked which of the two are a better investment, most will say gold. To tell you the latest from recent studies, silver is proven to be booming more, and its price after 10 years has tripled compared to gold. This is because silver is used in more different industries compared to gold. Due to its different uses, the stocked supplies of silver is declining, meaning the demand for silver will increase for years to come. This applies to silver items like jewelry and coins as well. People opt to invest in silver coins because of the innate value that it holds, they are easy to store and transport, and silver coin investment is done more than gold in different countries. Increase in the demand for silver drives a continuous increase in silver coin prices.

When Is the Best Time to Buy Gold?

Unlike Fiat money (any money declared by a government to be legal tender that is not backed by some precious element), precious metals such as Gold and Silver will always have value. While acquiring Gold as a future protection against the inevitable erosion of currency (due to inflation) is always a good idea, naturally it is better to buy Gold at the lowest price possible.

When Is the Best Time to Buy Silver?

Any time is a good time to buy Silver for the purpose of hedging against inflation. That is, purchasing physical Silver.

Tips for Working With Coin Dealers

Coin dealers can help you with your fine collectibles in many ways. Make sure to have an idea of what you possess before you work with them.

Why Silver Prices Will Likely Double

Silver prices fell in tandem with gold bullion prices declining from April to June of 2013. The case for the white metals price to rise considerably continues to build up along with gold. The ongoing demand for the precious metal has risen by about 50% in the first six months of 2013 in comparison to the same period in 2012 and currently remains strong. A chart shows comparison sales of just silver coins sold by the U.S. Mint from January to July of 2012 and compared to sales in 2013. It shows a huge increase in demand for silver coins.

Getting the Most American Gold Coin Value When You Shop for Investment Type Gold Coins

Learning about your American gold coin investment choices is essential for getting the best prices from your dealer. Know your objectives for the purchases, know what you’re buying, and diversify for greatest returns when it comes time to sell.

7 Reasons Why Silver Is a Better Investment Than Gold!

1. Recently (2013), silver is trading in a much cheaper range of about 40:1 ratio than the historic silver-to-gold price ratio of 15 or 16:1. On Jan 24th, 2003, with silver at $4.89/oz. and gold at $368/oz., the ratio was 75:1. Since then it has reverted to the 40:1 ratio again, which is still cheap. Therefore, silver is currently undervalued, cheaper than the historic norm, and thus is a better investment than gold.

Investing in Silver – Why Silver Is Better to Invest in Than Gold

Recent Years have witnessed a dramatic rise in the price of Silver and Gold. Many investors ask, should they prefer silver over gold investment or vice versa?

The Coin Value of Silver Dollars, and Can Inflation Really Be Avoided?

I have to start out with the statement that I’m not an economist, only an observer. As an observer of our economy, I hear a lot about inflation and returning to the gold standard to halt its destruction. But, I wonder if inflation can really be avoided.

3 Reasons Silver Will Continue to Outperform

The Junk Silver Coins Price is Right for Investment – Silver coins currently minted are only 40% silver (if that). Junk silver coins make a better investment choice because they were made prior to 1965 with ninety percent silver content. Silver is often overlooked in favor of gold as an investment but is one of the better choices when considering long-term investments.

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