These are the metals attracting the most money right now – Kai Hoffmann


Although sentiment for gold is weaker than it was last year, most recently, more investment capital has been flowing into the gold mining sector as compared to other metals, said Kai Hoffmann, CEO of Soar Financial Group.

“The last few months, and the last few weeks, in particular as well…the buzzword has been sector rotation. We’ve also seen that in mining as we’ve seen more copper financings, or base metals financings, and also more uranium financings as well that have taken the limelight a bit from the gold and precious metals space,” Hoffmann told David Lin, anchor for Kitco News.

0:00 – Mining financing activity
4:20 – Demand and supply in metals
7:00 – Mining companies to avoid
11:00 – Resource depletion
13:00 – Gold price outlook
14:40 – Uranium
16:10 – SF Session 8
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Top 10 Essential Tips For Successful Gold Market Analysis

Gold is becoming one of the most interesting investments that one can make. Gold establishes assurance for the future because of its great ability to preserve a portion of your savings invested in it should difficult economic times come. Gold is one of the more eye-catching investments in the precious metals category and is becoming more and more popular because it provides diversification in any investing portfolio.

Best Gold Investment Companies To Consider

Gold is becoming one of the most sought after investments due to its properties providing a safe haven for your savings in a non-economic friendly market environment. Gold also provides ample assurance for the future because it is considered a stable investment by market analysts and economists. Gold is one of the more attractive investments in the precious metals category.

Investing in Precious Metals – Benefits of Palladium Investment!

People invest in precious metals because of their ability to provide a cushion against the potential market pitfalls and turmoil surrounding market volatility. Investing in gold, silver, platinum and palladium is becoming more and more popular due to the current economic position. There are many precious metals that one can invest in such as gold, palladium, silver and platinum.

Investing in Gold Commodity

Buying gold directly through jewelry, coins and bars is always an option to obtain this precious metal. The main problem that comes with this type of purchase is the complication of storing the gold. Keeping it under the pillow might seem safe, but it wont remain safe if it is not properly stored.

Silver Coins Value – Bullion Vs Numismatic Coins!

Silver coins are one of the most sought out collectables and investments. Silver coins are crafted from the precious metal, and are typically offered in many different styles and weights. One of the items considered by the collector or the investor of the silver coin is its value.

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Gold Bullion Coins

Buying gold can be one of the most lucrative and sound investments that you can ever make. There are many different options and types of gold that you can buy. Depending on what you hope to attain, gold bullion coins may be the most profitable asset you can invest in.

Fire Assay

Fire assaying is the oldest and is considered to be the most reliable method of determining the content of gold and silver in rock or concentrate samples. This method is still the industry standard. The reason why it is called ”fire” assay is simply because it involves smelting the sample which has been mixed with lead oxide.

Historical Trend of Gold Value Per Ounce

Over the years, gold has been looked at as both a commodity and a type of currency. The gold value per ounce has oscillated. Gold has a remarkably long history of being used as money among many different and distinct civilizations.

Determining the Dollar Value of Your 90% Junk Silver Coins

Precious metals are known to be a safe, stable market, but not everyone has the financial means for a large-scale investment of this nature. However, you may already have precious metals in your possession in the form of junk silver coins.

5 Things To Look At While Buying Gold Coins

Made of pure gold or containing a portion of alloy metals for scratch resistance, gold coins are usually sold to collectors and investors. Gold has often been used as a means of money in a variety of situations. Buying gold coins is one of the many hobbies and pastimes of people worldwide. Many different factors determine the value of these coins, such as its scarcity, the age of the coin itself, the overall condition of the coin itself and the how many coins were originally created at the time that particular lot or series of coins were produced.

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