This super rare metal beat Bitcoin this year and is not done rallying – Jeff Christian


Iridium is a rare-Earth metal that is a by-product of platinum and palladium mining. Jeff Christian, managing partner of CPM Group, discusses its uses cases and why the price climbed by more than 200% year to date and is set grow even more in value.

0:00 – Iridium’s use cases
5:15 – Why has price rallied?
8:08 – The unsustainability of demand
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Reasons Why Silver Prices Will Rise in the Future

Silver prices have been steadily increasing over the past few years. The price of silver has increased about 84% in 2010 and then up another 20% in 2011. According to analysts, the prices of silver will continue to rise in the future.

Gold Investment: Buy Gold Coins for Securing Your Future

Gold equates to real money. Unlike other assets like the traditional stocks and bonds, even legal tender – which really just represents the value of money, gold can hold its own value even when economic recession occurs. This is the reason why sensible and practical investors pursue gold investment. “Buy gold coins and watch them grow.”

Invest in Gold: A Crisis-Proof Strategy

The effects of the economic crisis has become very evident to most people. With many struggling with problems like unemployment and the constant devaluation of the US dollar, it is no surprise that many are anxious and perhaps doubtful if they could still get by.

Diversifying Gold Investment

The price of gold is increasing dramatically so investing in gold is promising. A comprehensive study of the market will help you in your decision making with regards to your gold investment choices. An investor can easily learn and understand the ropes of making gold investments and the possible alternatives he can pursue.

How Stable Is Gold IRA?

Retirement is one of the most important life events everyone is bound to experience eventually. Some may think that people can take it easy once they retire but in the end, that will still be determined by how you have used your resources to secure your future when you reach old age. It could mean the difference among living the life of fulfillment or endure difficult financial problems when you can no longer work for yourself.

The Beauty of Gold Investing

Gold investing is a never fading tactic of making your money grow to secure your future and that of your beneficiaries. It is a very promising form of tangible investment that most investors would swear by. There are many motives behind gold investing.

IRA Gold Investments and Its Fruitful Returns

Having gold in IRA account is more stable than acquiring a traditional IRA simply because gold is a crisis commodity that never dies out. Because of gold’s influence, IRA gold Investment has become a very rewarding source of income for most investors.

Long-Term Investment: Investing in Gold for IRA

Your first step into securing your financial future is purchasing gold. Purchasing gold, though, means that you will need more cash. Investing in gold in several markets can be a little bit risky but individuals who have enough money can start with.

Gold Investments: Reasons and Benefits You Need To Know When Investing In Gold

It is safe to say that investing in gold is the best alternative we have today with the current situation of the economy. No matter how long it takes for the process to finish, this method provides us with great dividends.

I’ll Have Another Ounce of Gold

Few things excite people as much as a horse race or gold! In recent news, gold took a backseat behind a horse. “I’ll Have Another” has lost an opportunity, but you don’t have to lose yours! Have yourself another ounce of gold before the opportunity is gone.

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