Why did Friday’s jobs report miss expectations? Is the economy in trouble?


Friday’s nonfarm payroll report showed that the U.S. economy added 559,000 jobs in May, slightly shy of consensus expectations of 675,000. The unemployment rate is now at 5.8%, the lowest level since the start of the pandemic.

Alain Corbani, portfolio manager of Finance SA and Scott Rothbort, president of LakeView Asset Management, discuss the impact of Friday’s jobs report on inflation, monetary policy, and investments.
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American Eagle Gold Coins – A Worthy Gold Coin

Gold coins were used as the form of currency in the earliest days of the civilization. But the gold coins are considered as a form of investment in these days. Bullion gold coins are especially well recognized for the investment purpose.

Gold Price

Americans from all fifty states have recognized that with gold prices so high, now is clearly the time to convert unwanted and broken jewelry, scrap gold and silver and coins into much-needed cash. “Moreover, people realize that these high prices will not last forever and they are flocking to us to reap the financial benefits.

Gold Prices Plunge – Are You Saying Oh No Or Oh Well?

With the gold price dropping to the upper $700 range the question is where will it go next? If you purchased investment gold when the gold price was around $900 you must be sweating bullets by now and are most likely saying…”Oh No!”

Investing in Silver

Starting in July of 2003 and heading into November of 2006, the growth of several markets will demonstrate how much silver’s value has substantially risen. In this time period the growth of the DJIA was 35%.

How American Buffalo Gold Coins Are Distributed in the Gold Market

Gold coins have been a prime form of investment ever since they were first introduced in the trade market. Unlike most forms of investments such as company stocks, business ventures, currencies, gold coins were considered to be more secure investments which had more stable values.

Why American Gold Eagle Coins Are Good Investments

During economic chaos and disorder, the value of currencies becomes unstable. Oftentimes, they even depreciate. As such, most investors depend on gold coins rather than currencies. More so, many investors indulge in gold investment rather than stocks, real estate properties, businesses, and the conventional forms of assets.

How to Pick a Gold Stock

How long have they been in the business? About 20 years Is good enough. What type of experience do they have? Does their experience concern what their doing now. For instance someone who was successful in copper might not be successful uranium. Or some one who triumphed with an exploration company might not have the knack for a mining company.

US Gold Coins – A Prudent Investment

Fiat currencies are particularly at risk in these volatile times. Historically, fiat currencies were backed by Governments’ gold reserves, however increasingly fiat currencies are backed by Governments’ ‘promise’ to honor the value of a paper based currency. In fact there is no inherent value in paper (fiat) based money.

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins – Ancient Gold Beauty to Contemporary Bullion Investment

Austrian Philharmonic Gold coins are one of the most beautiful and well crafted in the world. Find out what makes these historic coins one of the most sought after and coveted of all gold bullion coins.

20 Solid Reasons to Own Gold Coins – Now!

There are very few things left that offer financial security; gold coins are the benchmark for value. They become a solid storehouse for your productivity.

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