Why Gold & Silver Are Set To CRUSH Stock Returns..& The End of Freedom?


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Gold, the Precious Metal That Sells at High Prices

The dense shiny metal of gold is of very high demand all over the world and households as well as governments collect it for its value. Due to its low reaction with other elements it will not lose its glitter through oxidization.

Physical Gold Trading VS Online Trading of Gold

Buying and selling anything could generate profits if you know about the commodity you are dealing with. However, for gold trading you never need to know a lot about the commodity as what is available in the market is standard gold bars or coins.

When Is the Right Time to Sell Your Gold and Other Precious Metals?

With the uncertainty of the global markets and the looming fiscal cliff, the price of precious metals will either rise or fall. The best time to sell your precious metals as an investor and as an individual depends on your strategy.

Are Rare Coins or Bullion Coins the Right Investment for You? This Will Help You Decide

If you have money to invest and are looking for places to put it, you may have heard from some sources that rare coins are a good investment. They may or may not be, depending on several factors. Here are some guidelines to help you decide if rare coins are for you.

Fiat Money – The Central Bankers Favorite Drug

The whole world is falling apart; it’s not just in America or Europe, but all over the world. Thanks to central bankers and their monetary policies the whole world is being drugged. That drug is a powerful hallucinogen putting everyone into a dreamlike state. The crazy thing is that everyone is dreaming the same dream. All the people around the world dream about fiat money.

Tips for Selling Gold Nuggets

To get the best price for your gold nuggets, you need to find a buyer who appreciates them as collectable and unique items, not just for their melt value. Natural gold nuggets are special, and you should do your research before selling them so you can get a fair offer.

Simple But Effective Tips In Getting A Good Price For Your Gold

When you own precious metals like gold, it’s natural to be anxious when selling them. After all, they are very valuable. You would want to get the right price for them.

Gold, Copper, and Silver Overtake Other Metals

Morgan Stanley continued to rest hopes on gold, copper and silver stating that they would easily overtake other metals, even as bullions moved from strength to strength on account of robust investor demand and large scale central bank buying. Joel Crane and Peter Richardson went on to declare that the policies brought into effect by the Central Bank have encouraged price appreciation of both silver and gold. According to Central Bank estimates, gold would remain at an average of $1,683/ounce this year, with a promise of $1,853 in the next.

Gold Prices to Increase Dramatically: Favorable Time for Gold Trading

With most countries around the world regularly buying gold for the last five years, the world has seen around 142 percent upsurge in the price of gold since 2008. Experts believe that the current scenario is just perfect for gold trading. According to projection by the World Gold Council, the total purchase of gold by central banks may reach 500 tons by the end of 2012.

What Type of Coin Collector Are You? Many Coin Collectors Assemble Their Collections by Type

What do you do when you reach your goals in your coin collection? Do you start upgrading existing specimens or look for other interesting coins to pursue? Most collectors actually assemble their collections based on the type of coin they’re pursuing.

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