Bitcoin price plummets to $30k, Gareth Soloway’s last target; How to trade after collapse?


The Bitcoin price tumbled to $30,000 Wednesday as risk assets sell off across the board.

Gareth Soloway, chief market strategist of discusses with David Lin, anchor of Kitco News, whether or not to buy the dip now.

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Gold Investing – Getting Started

With the recent instability in the stock market and in world affairs, you may be looking for the most stable investment solution you can get. Investing in gold may not be as exciting as holding an aggressive stock portfolio, but it offers a solid, reliable return in times of uncertainty. And, it couldn’t be easier to get into.

Junk Silver Coins – A Timely Investment

So what is junk silver and what makes a coin a “Junk Silver coin”? It’s really very simple. Junk silver is an informal way of referring to coins with no numismatic value, a fancy way of saying that coin collectors have no special interest in these particular coins, but that have a value based on their metallic composition.

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Its no secret that the time to invest in commodities is now, and what better way to do it than by investing in mining stocks? But why should you invest in them? I hear some of you screaming “Hasn’t the Dot Com Crash taught you anything?” and yes, believe me it has. But what you have realize is that mining stocks are a whole other ball game from Dot Com stocks.

Investing in Gold Jewelry – Pros and Cons

In times of economic uncertainty, many people turn to precious metals as an investment. Gold jewelry is a good option, as it does double duty by serving both as an investment and as an important fashion accessory. But, there are also pitfalls to investing in gold jewelry.

Investing in Gold – What Are the Best Ways?

In times of economic uncertainty, many people turn to precious metals as a safe and secure way to build their wealth. Investing in gold has always been a popular idea, and as the current high value of gold shows, is a popular and excellent idea in today’s economy.

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Perhaps you have heard you should buy silver now, before it’s too late. This article explains the supply and demand fundamentals behind the recommendations of the experts to protect and ensure your financial future to buy silver coins now.

Buy Silver Eagle Coins – A Wise Investment Decision

We are in an economic crisis right now. The employment rate, while slightly looking up, is still very low. Home foreclosure rates are really high. The rate of inflation is also increasing, while at the same time the value of the dollar is greatly depreciating.

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Now, let’s discuss whether gold prices can reach $7,000 per ounce or not. This is the argument advanced by a New York Based Hedge Fund that says that analysis of the charts show visually how much the US Dollar has lost it’s purchasing power parity.

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