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If you want to invest in gold, you may want to do it now because competition is tough.

You know who else is buying gold? Hungary. Yes, the country. Hungary’s Central Bank is buying gold along with many other central banks of other countries.

Hungary tripled its gold reserves in one of the biggest purchases by a central bank in decades.

The monetary authority raised its bullion holdings to 94.5 tons last month according to their emailed statement.

At the same time, the latest data from the World Gold Council showed global central banks were net buyers of gold in February, led by India, which bought 11.2 tons.

Central banks helped underpin for gold prices for most of the last decade, but flipped to net sellers in the third quarter of 2020 as some producing nations cashed in on surging prices driven by investment demand.

Now, with exchange-traded fund holdings of gold in a months-long contraction, the market is looking elsewhere for support.

And as nations look to safeguard their finances in the wake of the pandemic, it’s not just Hungary turning to gold.

Polish Central Bank Governor Adam Glapinski said last month the authority may buy at least 100 tons in the coming years to demonstrate the country’s economic strength.

Serbia has also been making small but steady purchases since the start of 2019.

According to the WGC data, on a monthly basis, Hungary’s purchase would be the biggest since June 2019, when Poland bought 94.9 tons.

But don’t panic. We got you covered.

If you want to invest in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, Noble Gold will always have some for you. But don’t take that as a sign to delay investing in precious metals.

Remember that protecting your investments is critical and immediate and there is no better asset to do that than precious metals.


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The Gold Bullion Money Making Success System

The London metals exchange is the clearing house for metals current and future contracts as well as ETFs are managed by HSBC, CHASE & Goldman Sachs including significant portions of the Gold and Silver markets who then determine the value of the precious metals entering into market. It is also important to note that the continuous increases and decreases in the value of gold generally is create an acceptance of its value to the populace as well as to those in the market, first rule gold’s value is not diminished by speculative trading or general market manipulation, the only view you must maintain is that Gold will hold its value just as you will maintain an ample supply of Gold as well sell some, leverage some, barter and trade some.

Current Gold and Silver Prices Prove That They Are the Commodities of the Kings

Gold and silver prices are the perfect indicators of the current value of currency. Central banks will never cease to devalue currency. This serves the leisure class of citizens and the government in different ways. It benefits governments by reducing the actual value of the national debt.

Invest In Gold, Silver Or Mining Stocks?

Due to the economic troubled period all over the world it is difficult to find an area where one can invest without considering the possibility of total failure. Because of this fact, the trend nowadays turns investors’ attention to more traditional markets. Precious metals investments seem to be highly appreciated and recommended by stock market professionals. However this market is a very wide one. So the following question arises: which side of it is safer and brings more profits?

Invest In Physical Gold

Investing in gold in general is one of the safest ways of putting money in something sure, that is not affected by economic crises and recessions. Furthermore it brings profits, a thing that can be backed up by a short history of the precious metal over time at a worldwide level.

Silver Futures Prices and the US Dollar

Silver is considered by many investors to be a safe haven and an inflationary hedge in times of economic turmoil. It is also considered to be a type of insurance to protect against weakening currency valuations.

Gold Futures Prices May Break Through $1500

Gold futures prices recently sold off by over $100 an ounce as the European debt problems seem to have subsided. Many economic reports around the globe seem to have been better than expected.

Buying Gold Coins – Extraordinary Lesson From King Charles Robert of Hungary

If struggling nations grasped the importance of buying gold coins, both nationally as well as individually, the dark prospect of the failure of paper currencies would fade. Lessons could be well-learnt from the incredible prosperity that Hungary and eventually Central Europe enjoyed, once near-pure gold florins were introduced.

The Value of Ancient Gold Coins

The ancient gold coins that carry historical memory have become the most sought after items. For this reason, those who are lucky to have them are actually sitting on gems that are of immense value. Well not very many are aware of this and they need to know more about these very rare coins.

Silver Investing – The Decoupling of Silver From Gold

During the recent surge in the price of precious metals, the price of silver advanced by twice the percentage as that of gold. That in itself may hint at a decoupling of silver from gold. However, just a few days ago another event took place that could be an even more significant factor.

Gold Bar 101 – 3 Things That You Should Know About Gold Bar

Many people like to invest in gold bar 101 because gold has been the standard of wealth, investment and trade throughout the history. For people who have intention to invest in gold, there are many things you need to know before making your final decision.

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