Consolidation is coming to the royalty and streaming sector – David Garofalo


Too many streaming and royalty businesses make the sector ripe for consolidation, said Royalty Gold CEO David Garofalo in a conversation with Kitco on Tuesday.

Garofalo said the sub-$1 billion market cap companies are “…all struggling to achieve relevance to investors because they don’t have the liquidity and critical mass of investors.”

Gold Royalty (NYSE American: GROY) has a portfolio of 18 net smelter return royalties ranging from 0.5% to 2.0% covering 12 projects located in the Americas. Garofalo was the former head of Goldcorp.

3:50: Exploration companies raising financing
5:30: Consolidation in the streaming and royalty sector
6:09: Inflation and gold
7:33: Bitcoin vs. gold
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Gold Has Positive Effects Over The Economy

Gold has always been considered a safe investment amidst the unstable economic environment and the general political turmoil. This precious metal maintains its value in time because it does not degrade. Moreover, gold can also be the messenger of an economy that shows signs of weakness since a rising gold price would be usually followed by economic meltdown.

Gold Buyers Advice – Watch Out What You Invest In

Buying gold can be quite a prosperous investment if you know what you are doing. It is more secure than buying stocks, which can often dwindle away in these turbulent economic times. Precious metals have always been desirable, and will continue to do so as they increase in value as times goes on.

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Collecting items, whether they be stamps, rocks, videos, books or even postcards are an extremely common hobby amongst many individuals. One of the most popular types of collecting hobbies is coin collecting. However, there are certain coins that may be fakes. Furthermore, some coins may be more intrinsically valuable than others.

Weighing Gold

Today the metric system presides: gold is always weighed in grams. This is most inconvenient because the basic price of gold is still quoted in Troy ounces. To make matters worse, the novice weighs gold on his kitchen scales and wonders why his local jeweller suddenly doesn’t seem to understand “ordinary” pounds and ounces. So, how to weigh gold?

How Can Gold Help Us?

This is a question with multiple answers. Where should we start from? Since the yellow metal influences the economy in every country, maybe a good starting point will be the financial field. This precious metal is one of the safest methods of investment. Buying gold bullion is the eternal piece of advice specialists give. Keeping the bullion in the bank is a great investment in the long run.

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Get This Right And You Get Everything Right

Growing and protecting money comes down to one simple idea, you have to get the big picture right. Picking stocks is fun but does not matter if “YOUR” big picture is incorrect. Get the big picture right and you get everything right. If you investment accounts have not increased in size (outside of you depositing more money into them) over the past ten years then your big picture is wrong. The FED has made “saving” ugly and disgusting. Investors are being forced to take their money and savings and speculate with it in the markets.

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