Fed’s Powell: It’s ‘too early’ to taper


Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell comments on tapering, transitory inflation, the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and more. The statement comes after the Fed kept its monetary policy unchanged while downplaying rising inflation.

“It’s not time to start talking about tapering. We’ll let the public know well in advance. It will take some time before we see substantial further progress,” Powell told reporters. “We had one great jobs report. It is not enough to start talking about tapering. We’ll need to see more data.”
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Good Time To Buy Gold In 2011

Ever since the start of the financial crisis (2007) a lot of people swapped to gold as an investment. As the real estate market went down, and other currencies lost value, gold rose to the top and became a favorite amongst investors. Now with signs of inflation creeping in, gold is becoming even more popular, as investors look for safety and looking for the best way to hedge against inflation.

Gold – The Stock Commodity of All Time

Considered as the most precious metal today, investing in gold is not a bad idea. Today, gold plays a role in different economic markets. It can serve as a safe place to invest in times of economic downfall and instability.

Investing in Gold – Offering Stability and Financial Security

There are different moves you can make involving your finances. You can spend your money, save your money, and invest your money. There are many good reasons for investing your money.

What Gold Coins Do Investors Prefer?

These days, gold coins are one of the most popular investments in the world. That is because the material that they are made out has a constantly high value and is even said to constitute a hedge against inflation and other types of economical crisis.

Getting What You Want With Cash in Your Gold

What can you buy with gold? Definitely, you can’t use gold nowadays to buy prime commodities such as food, clothing, medicine, etc unless you turn them into cash. There is cash in your gold and you can buy a lot of things that you want.

The Two Safest Ways to Invest in Gold

Here are the two simplest and safest ways to invest in gold. They cover investing in gold for profit, and investing in gold as an investment insurance move.

Selling Gold Coins – Hedging Your Gold Investments

Selling gold coins is currently on an extremely fast pace. Those who have held tightly to their gold investments are beginning to see the fruits of their efforts. For those selling gold coins, they may be premature in cashing out.

Gold Futures – Gold Trading

With the world economy in total chaos, gold futures and gold trading is in heavy exchange. In layman terms, if you have any assets invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or CDs, run, don’t walk to your investment broker and strongly buy into the gold investment. Gold futures are speculating on serious economic adjustments that will leave precious metals as the singular financial trading tools, left to survive the financial storm that is currently volatile and expected to explode in the very near future.

Commodity Investment – Gold and Silver

A commodity is a good for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market. Commodities are often substances that come out of the earth and maintain roughly a universal price. Investing in commodities is often told to be safe. This article discusses this and many other issues around commodity investment.

Everybody Loves Gold

No other precious metal than gold has been used for so long, for so many purposes and in such amounts. The fact people were attracted to it first because of its beauty is proved by its very name, ‘aurum’ in Latin, which means ‘shining dawn’, referring obviously to its gorgeous brightness. Since the Chalcolithic, craftsmen have used it for its stunning appearance, such a usage culminating in the ancient Egypt, the pharaohs being not only the first to have gold coins made for offering them to their friends, but their tombs being the most amazing collections of gold and jewels ever created.

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