Golden Independence CEO: Advancing A Near Term Asset in A Great Jurisdiction



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Is Gold a Good Investment?

Gold as an investment has many unique qualities. You will discover what some of these qualities are, you will also discover if gold is a good investment.

Why Invest in Gold?

Why Invest In Gold? First I have to vent a little regarding the state of the economy. People in the USA now have a negative savings rates (it’s come back up recently because people are spending less) and we continue to monetize the debt like it’s going out of style.

Gold Stock Investments – Should You Buy?

Not many people are aware of gold as an investment avenue. Most people think that the best use of this precious metal is in the form of jewelry. Not this is certainly not the case. Most financial experts and investment analysts have the view that gold is one of the best investment avenues and it is certainly a great hedging method against the fluctuations which we see in the stock market now days.

Buy Gold Bullion Coins

If you want to buy gold bullion coins, you shouldn’t fret because APMEX has a variety of gold bullion coins for you to choose from. An investor and an avid collector often update their inventory and know the right time when to buy gold bullion coins.

Why is it Good to Invest in Gold?

Many expert investors have the opinion that it is very important to have some part of your portfolio invested in gold. Investing in gold is considered to be a hedging strategy against the fluctuations in the stock market. Investing in gold is considered a safer bet especially in such economic crisis which is happening in recent times. In historic sense, gold started being referred to as a standard among international countries after the Brenton Woods conference in 1946.

Investing Money in the Form of Gold – Accumulation of Gold

There are a number of ways to invest in gold and make money when its price rises. Some are more suitable to the average investor than others.

How to Buy Silver Bullion Coins Tips

Don’t be overwhelmed when you buy silver bullion coins. It is so easy. People think that this will take some getting used to because of the money involved. That is not usually the case.

Buy Cheap Commemorative Gold Coins

Commemorative gold coins are popular because they have our history engraved in their designs. Be they uncirculated or proof, these are offered to the coin collectors, enthusiasts, and investors because these people know how valuable these coins are.

Should You Buy Gold Mining Stocks?

The business of purchasing mining stocks can be a tricky and dicey business like any forms of stock especially in the modern global economic climate characterized by high level of volatile, particularly in the commodity trade directly affected by international economic upheavals. One of the best approaches in the way you can actually invest in gold mining stocks after considering whether the pricing or not, is to consider buying gold stocks. Some investors go for the alternative of buying the physical gold.

Investing in Gold – A Beginner’s Guide

The reasons for wanting to invest in gold are as varied as the people who do so – some are seeking a safety net against the possibility of currency depreciation or market declines, while others are simply looking to capitalize on the benefits of a bull market. Whatever your reason for investing in gold, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the process. While the price of gold, like that of all commodities, is driven by supply and demand; hoarding and disposal plays a much bigger role when it comes to precious metals (especially gold) than any other…

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