Silver Dragons LIVE Auction Night #35


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Welcome to the 35th Silver Dragons Auction Night! I will be auctioning off poured silver as well as a bunch of other fun silver items. Some of the items will include constitutional silver, 999 fine silver coins, and specialty silver items. Auction and Giveaway Rules:

*The must be a channel member to register to bid
* In order to bid you must be able to pay for your auction win via paypal.
*You must be 18 years of age or older to bid
*Please pay for your auction wins within 24 hours of the stream ending
*Bids must be at least $1 Higher than the previous bid
*If an item is going for more than $100 then the minimum bid increment is increased to $5
– Goods and Services
*Once I type in SOLD no bids after that will count. I will make the final determination on my screen who won the auction. *there will be an option for the person to up their bid if they were sniped
*Auctions are open to all countries however they are void where prohibited
*By entering ANY of the giveaways on my Auction Stream, or Bidding on any item, you release YouTube from any and all liability related to the Giveaway and/or Auction itself.
*This Auction Live Stream is not affiliated nor endorsed by Youtube in any way.

Auction Win Shipping:

$4 USA Shipping (Free for Dragon Legion Generals)
$15 Canadian Shipping
$20 International Shipping (UK, Australia, most other countries)


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S. Dragons
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Gresham, OR 97030

Thanks for watching!!

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The Gold Rush

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