Inflation is not a concern; these trading signs are much more important – Bill Baruch


Spikes in commodity prices, as well as used cars and trucks, are likely to remain transitory said Bill Baruch, adding that the Federal Reserve was right about inflation projections.

“Inflation really is not a concern for me. Here’s the thing, where inflation matters right now, we already see it. Look at lumber prices, and look at chip shortages. It’s supply chain related,” Baruch told David Lin, anchor for Kitco News. “When it comes to the Fed’s metrics, we’re not really seeing the inflation, and that gives them better reason to stay patient.”

In fact, Baruch said that he wouldn’t be surprised to see a deflationary environment a few months from now.

0:00 – Top trades of 2021
3:26 – U.S. dollar
6:09 – Nonfarm payroll report this Friday
8:35 – Inflation concerns
12:27 – Outlook for jobs report
13:20 – Biden’s budget proposal
15:46 – Gold outlook
17:38 – Stocks outlook
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