Investment Lessons From South Korea | Countries Beating The Economic Effects Of The Pandemic



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In 1998, Asia’s financial condition tanked. You know who recovered first? South Korea.

In 2000 and 2008, South Korea avoided, respectively, the worst of the dot-com and Lehman Brothers meltdowns.

And they still got it. They have proven their resilience yet again as they join China in returning to its pre-Covid economic growth levels.

Yup. You heard it right. They recorded gains in the first quarter of this year, 1.6% annualized growth in the first three months of the year.

Accelerating private consumption, increased corporate investment and rising government expenditures have Korea exiting the wreckage from 2020 faster than economies from Washington to Tokyo.

Not only that, Bank of Korea director Park Yang-soo thinks that the demand for their tech gadgets and tech-based products will boost their growth.

The light at the end of Korea’s tunnel is no aberration when you look at the performance of Samsung, by far the most important family-owned conglomerate.

In the first quarter, Samsung Electronics Co.’s net profit jumped 46% from a year earlier.

Korea admits that the majority of their tech-demand is coming from the chip shortage. Yes, microchips used in many of our gadgets and equipment. Those are made in Korea and made of precious metals, gold specifically.

That’s how Korea did it. They decided they were going to be the leader in consumer electronics, digital devices, petrochemicals, semiconductors and popular culture exports.

As a result, some of the greatest products are from Korea, Hyundai, Samsung, and, well, BTS. The last one is an artist but you know what I mean.

More recently, Seoul tried to diversify an economy historically driven by autos and ships. Moon set out to recalibrate growth engines from exports to innovation and services.

Again, in all these products, precious metal is still in the center.

But hey, I am not saying that precious metals is the secret to South Korea’s economic resilience. Precious metals are a major component of the technologies that they develop but the secret to their success is the vision.



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A Gold Bullion Investment – How to Get Started

Investing in gold bullion can be a good idea. Gold is a metal that retains its luster and does not tend to corrode over time. As I am sure you are aware its price has been rising quickly over the last 10 years and many people want to get in on the action.

How to Buy Gold Bullion Online – Bars, Coins, ETFs and Exchanges

If you want to invest in gold, you should have an idea about what gold is all about. It is not that easy. First let me explain to you what gold bullion is. Generally, this kind of gold is either in bar form or in coin form. Here are some tips for you regarding how to buy gold bullion.

How Will Gold Prices Fare in 2010?

The price of gold bullion is notoriously volatile and 2009 has been no exception. The current financial crisis has seen further fluctuations as buyers have rushed to acquire gold bullion as a safe haven but also sold the precious metal to cover losses in other markets.

Buying Gold Bullion Versus Buying Collectible Coins – Advantages and Disadvantages

This article covers numismatic coins otherwise known as collectibles and the issue of how collectible is a collectible coin. The word numismatic is derived from the Greek numisma, meaning “current coin.” We are also going to be looking at the premiums that are connected with these coins. We’ll explore the issue of under what conditions gold coins could be confiscated, whether it’s too late to buy gold now and what are the warning signs to tell us when it’s time to sell our gold?

Rising Gold Prices – An Overview

It is important to grasp the big picture of why gold is going up and the factors that are fueling its rise. An Overview Since 1974 In 1971 President Richard Nixon ended US dollar convertibility to gold, bringing to an end the central role of gold in world currency systems. Three years later Congress legalized the ownership of gold by US citizens.

Gold Coins – The Smart Way to Invest in Gold

Historically, precious metals were important as currency, but are now regarded mainly as investment and industrial commodities. The best-known precious metals in financial market is the attractive gold, even in this era of inflation where financial markets are dwindling everyday gold purchasing is one of the most favorable and proven ways of protecting your assets.

Buy Cheap American Eagle Gold Coins Online! The Best Bullion Coin!

Gold always been the symbol of prosperity from the ancient time to the present times and has been the alternative for currency. From the time of Greek or Romans gold acted like a reliable purchasing source. The same fact made Americans to invest in gold coins. The American Eagle Gold Coin is an official gold billion coin of United States.

Tax Free American Buffalo Gold Coins

Your investments are incomplete without some input of Gold. Gold investment can be done in the form of coins, biscuits, jewelry etc. Rare gold coins are the best option, there are two reasons behind it as the Government mint takes the whole responsibility of the quality of gold and secondly with the passage of time the coins start becoming antique by nature.

American Eagle Gold Coins – The Most Respected Gold Coin!

The prices of stocks go down when financial markets crash. But it is not so with Gold, I am not saying that they remain unaffected but they relatively survive the market crash or market crunch. As Gold is supposed to be a tangible asset, Gold investments act as a proven asset diversifier. It has been seen that whenever stock markets go down the gold prices soar. That is why it is very safe to invest in gold in the days when there is financial uncertainty.

Secrets of American Buffalo Gold Coins

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