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New Reasons to Invest in Gold

Taken into consideration these five reasons why one should invest in gold, we could give this precious metal another thought. During these times of scarce financial stability, investing in something that is going to secure one’s future might be good.

Is Buying a Tiny Gold Bar Smart?

Many experts will tell you that buying a 1 gram gold bar is not the way to go if you are serious about investing. However, there is a growing number of experts who believe that buying small gold bars is a good way to get into the gold market without making huge, upfront investments. Small gold bars are what many people buy to give as gifts to friends and family members.

De Beers, Gold Bars, and Frederick From South Africa

On my flight to Dubai I met an old friend of mine from South Africa, Frederick. Frederick used to be a top manager at De Beers (famous Diamond Jewelers) in South Africa, and he was responsible for the gold branch of this global player for more than 20 years.

How to Buy Gold Bullion

Gold is a valuable investment because you can be sure that it will grow in the years to come and give you a high return value. It is a form of investment that has been carried out over the years.

Protect Your Portfolio and Buy Gold Coins Online

In times of economic crisis, there are many investors who recommend turning to gold as a way to protect against downturns. Is this a good idea, or is it just a crackpot holdover from days when the gold standard was ended? While it might be a little of both, gold is still a good part of a diversified strategy and being able to buy gold online means it’s easier than ever to invest.

A Brief Guide to Gold Coin Investing

Investing in gold coins can prove to be a wise choice for investors these days. However, it pays to be well informed and aware of the ups and downs of investing in gold coins and to do your research first.

Investing in Gold is the Thing to Do Now!

Gold maybe the best long term investment right now! While many investing gurus are calling for the demise of gold, it is in fact still undervalued. Why I say that gold is still undervalued? Well, right now gold is priced around $1,000 per ounce. A few months back gold had breached the historical barrier of $1200 per ounce.

Making of Silver Proof Coins

Silver proof coins were special samples of a coin in early times. They were the issues of the coin which were produced to check the dies and were also used for archival purposes.

An Amazing Collection of Silver Coins For Sale

In earlier times, silver coins were used as legal tender. These silver coins are in existence since the B.C times. In ancient times, silver coins were used as money for exchange of things as well as for gambling.

Investing in Gold – Knowing the Ins and Outs

Over the past few years the idea of investing in gold has moved from being an extreme fringe or contrary pursuit to one that is more widely accepted. Gold’s meteoric rise from $275 to over $1000 in under a decade compared to Meager returns from bonds and repetitive scarring from stock market crashes has caused a huge increase in interest in the yellow metal.

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