Silver and Gold Prices are TANKING and This is Why!


In this video I talk about silver and gold prices tanking and why that is happening. Silver price goes down and gold price goes down usually together but not always. The reason that silver ands gold prices are going down is likely because of a stronger US Dollar. Silver prices and Gold prices are talking because of the new jobs data report as well. Gold and silver prices might be down currently, but I think that both have massive potential in the future. If you want to know why gold prices are down or why silver prices are down then this is the video for you. I also talk about why gold prices go down and why silver prices go down in general. Below is the link for the $16,000 gold video and the news article that I show in the video. .

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Why Invest in Gold

Simply put, gold is the ideal hedge against uncertainty. Historically, the main reason to invest in gold is to preserve value, especially as the national currency devalues or depreciates. Thus, gold investments are a hedge against a depreciating currency. Unlike other metals, gold is typically produced for accumulation. In contrast, metals such as platinum and silver are usually produced for industrial purposes. Gold is a store of value. In the past, gold was directly used as money.

Buy Some Gold and Silver Coins

There is one truth about currency issued by nations throughout history: Every currency not based upon precious metals has failed. When I use the term “failed,” I mean that the value of the currency decreased over time until it became worthless.

Where to Invest $1000 and Keep it Safe – Go For the Gold!

With the state of the economy in recent years, and the closing of some of the world’s biggest banks in recent months, more and more people are looking for ways to protect their money without putting it in the hands of a bank. The stock market used to be a great place to invest money, there was always some risk involved, but normally people were making great returns on their investments.

Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin – A Classic Swiss Gold Coin

The Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin is undoubtedly one of the world’s most dignified and classically designed Swiss gold coins. Find out more about this lovely gold bullion coin and learn why investing in Swiss Gold Coins can be not only a safe but a profitable way to diversify your investment portfolio.

Buying Gold Coins – A Wise Investment

Buying gold coins is one of the best and safest ways to invest in gold. Coins are usually more expensive; when it comes to the content of gold compared to bars. This is because gold coins are more expensive to manufacture.

Gold Coins Make Great Investments For More Than Just Collectors

The value of the dollar is dropping, but gold continues to hold steady and even increase slightly in value. All this amidst some of the worst times the American economy has seen in many years. With the future of the economy in question, it seems like the perfect time for many to begin buying gold coins.

Buying Gold Bars – Things That You Should Know

Buying gold bars is a good way to invest in gold. With bars you get more gold for your money compared to coins of the same size. The reason for this is when you buy coins you are usually paying a higher mark up for the manufacture of the coin.

Hungarian Gold Coins – The Hungarian Korona 20 Is a Classic in Gold Design

The Hungarian 20 Korona gold coin has known an illustrious history since it was first minted in 1892. With a .900 fineness in actual gold content of .1960 Troy ounces, the coin was meant to commemorate the crowning of Emperor Francis Joseph the First of Austria in 1848.

Gold Investment in Bangkok

For hundreds of years, gold in Thailand has been used in ornaments, utensils and religious amulets. In ancient times, statues in many Buddhist temples were made of thick precious metal layers. Wealthy nobles and merchants wore ornaments of the precious metal bracelets, chains and rings.

Fast Cycle Investments – Buying Gold and Silver

Fast cycle investments are those investments in which the turnaround is quick. In other words, you are going to put your money in and then you’re going to pull it right back out, but you’ll have more than you initially put in.

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