The Gold Price is Set to Skyrocket Due to Inflation


Gold Price Will Skyrocket Due to Inflation.

In today’s new episode on GoldCore TV, Dave Rusell discusses how #inflation has taken hold of financial markets while not necessarily being obvious.

The US is head over heels in debt, the US National debt has surpassed $28 trillion and continues to accelerate even further. Money printing has grown exponentially, commodity prices are rising but as per the Bureau of Labour Statistics inflation is below 2%!

So where is the inflation. Mostly it is being disguised as stock market returns, strong property markets and rallying cryptocurrencies. Excessive money printing by central banks has stored up inflation in financial markets.The restrictions and shuttering of businesses has meant that supply and demand imbalance have crept in to economies and these imbalances wil trigger inflationary pressures as the economies open up again. A wall of money will chase lower supply due to businesses adapting to operating under new Covid precautions.

There have been many examples of inflation being positive for stock markets but we need to be aware that a rising stock market is not always a sign of a healthy economy, sometimes it is the symptom of a very sick one!

The effects of this pent up inflation will be felt at every level of society but none more so than those with lower disposable incomes for whom food and energy (the most volatile and and first items to reaction to inflation) makes up a larger percentage of take home pay.

Significantly, we discuss the integrity and accuracy of the official inflation data and the role of Core Price Inflation or CPI in disguising the true nature of the inflationary problem to come.

Amidst the chaos, how can you protect your financial future? By investing in #GOLD!, For 20+ years people who invest in gold have benefitted from a 9%+ average annual rate of return. This figure is significantly much greater than the official inflation numbers and much closer to what commentators believe the numbers to be.

Gold performs surprisingly well during inflationary times. Throughout history whenever central banks and governments print more and more currency, the gold price rises to account for this. It has done so for centuries and is set to do the same again now.

We highly recommend you having an allocation to gold in your portfolio. It has always been a key investment in the past and it remains so now and for the future.

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