Top Stories This Week: Gold Back Below US$1,900, How to Make Money in Copper


This video was filmed on June 3, 2021.

Gold had a bumpy time this week, starting the period above the US$1,900 per ounce mark, but dropping to around the US$1,870 level on Thursday.

Meanwhile, copper continues to experience price momentum, and investors are wondering about the best way to get involved. Byron King, who writes the Whiskey & Gunpowder newsletter, recently shared his thoughts on how to approach the sector.

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The $5 Half Eagle gold coins were minted in the United States from 1795 to 1929. These gold bullion coins enjoy some of the most illustrious history of gold coin minting in America. They have the distinct honor of being the first ever struck for the United States as a five dollar gold piece.

How To Invest In Gold – Stock Market

The diversified portfolio has a small position in the gold market. For some investing in such market means holding its coins. Some speculators buy the contact futures on the commodity exchange. Future contracts are risky because you are betting that the price of the commodity will go higher in the future. The contract requires a relatively small up front payment, but there can be daily fluctuations that require you have funds to back the dips in the price of daily increases. The reasons investors have been interested in this commodity is that the old reasoning was that if the stock market was down the commodity market was generally up. This reasoning has become a possibility, but not an axiom of the current marketplace. The weakness in the dollar generally brings a surge in the price is in the range of $670. Price have fluctuated within a range of $664 and the current high of $672. Traders think this product could easily go as high as $1000 an ounce. Investing in such commodity stocks and precious metal index funds can be purchased through a stock broker, A stock broker specializing in this area is very important because the investment needs savvy

Gold, Silver to Rebound; Stocks Due For Another Decline

But the question that we keep being asked is “has the big move in commodities from 2001 until this year topped out – is the commodity boom over?” Our answer to that is no! We feel that we are in a secular bull market in commodities and there is a long way to go until it is over. The shortest bull market in commodities lasted over 15 years and the average is almost 20 years. And this bull market has some very powerful driving forces behind it – China, India, Russia and Brazil, to name a few.

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Today, the price of gold is determined by how much is needed and how much it can be used by others. The supply of gold strengthens quite leisurely as additional gold is extracted from mines. Gold acts as a fortress against inflation. Presently, a single ounce gold coin is priced at about $780. If it seems to you that the dollar will continue to lessen in value, investing in gold may be just for you.

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