Does Reddit Really Influenced The Price Of Silver? | How Powerful Is Reddit’s Influence?



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There’s so much hype on Reddit.

A group of Redditors are being credited for the surge in the price of silver monster-size rally in the price of beleaguered retailer GameStop.

I have to admit that the online community is powerful. It can start rumors, create new speculations and use that to motivate the public towards a certain agenda.

Several minutes on Twitter would make you realize just how true that is. A single Tweet has resulted in people getting hashtag cancelled overnight. Careers are ended. Lawsuits filed. Businesses get shut down.

But the silver rally isn’t a result of a group of redditors fueling speculations.

The silver rally was driven largely by inner political turmoil and worries that the COVID-19 vaccine plan is failing.

If you would remember or for some of you who don’t know, the rally in silver comes just days after hedge fund investors suffered major losses in GameStop after betting that the stock would go down. A group of investors who were part of a Reddit chat group drove the stock to absurdly high levels causing the hedge fund bets to go sour.

While some say that the Reddit group did and will do the same to silver, commodities consulting firm CPM Group says that investors are looking at problems in the vaccine distribution system. It’s failing in the United States and not doing well in a lot of other places.

Two weeks ago 17,000 vaccine doses were delivered to help immunize the 9 million people in New York.

Unless thousands share one vaccine, that’s not going to work. It’s driving investors to think that it will still be years of waiting before the pandemic is under control.

Separately, but no less important, are the problems in Washington DC. Division is still apparent.

We also want to add a third one, the current drive towards renewable energy. America wants to lead the energy game globally and that calls for a lot of precious metals, especially silver.

The rise in demand is imminent.

These three issues motivated investors enough to buy silver.

CPM groups sees the price of the metal climbing substantially higher over the next three to five years driven partly by investment demand.

So, don’t wait until things are in full gear and the Silver price doubles before buying in. Investment is all about timing.

You want to buy before an asset’s potential is realized.

That time is now for silver.

You can start by calling us. It’s a no-hassle consultation. We will simply answer all your questions about investing in silver.



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