Jim Rogers Gold 2021 A Warning


In this Jim Rogers Gold 2021 video, Jim warns about that effect that enormous money printing is having on asset price inflation and why everyone should buy gold and silver as an insurance policy. Jim recommends that the best way to buy gold and silver is to own and store physical gold and silver coins and bars.

Although he believes that there are bubbles in various stock markets, bond markets and property markets around the world, there is a chance that things could get even more over-inflated before there is a deep correction.

Jim believes that commodities remain undervalued and that the silver price in particular (40% below its all-time high is set up for a significant move higher over the next few years.

Jim Rogers gives the best investing advice that there is – education is key, learn from history and prepare for the future.

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What Gold Buyers Need To Do Before Investing

Unless you’re buying gold merely as a hobby, it’s critically important that you perform a thorough evaluation before making any investment decision. MoneySmart, an initiative by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission, provides a very useful step-by-step guide that can help you make the best decision.

Important Advice For Gold Buyers From Expert Investors

Among all the precious metals in existence, gold has constantly been the most favored one. This can be attributed to three key characteristics that it possesses: portability, fungibility (useful as a medium of exchange) and acceptance all over world. The value of this precious metal has consistently increased throughout the years, making it a splendid investment.

How Gold Buyers Make Huge Profits

National Mining Association records indicate that gold was worth $309.73 in 2002, which gradually increased, year by year to a high of $1,335 per ounce in March 2014, based on data from the Australian Mines Atlas. This means that you would have a 300% profit on the original price. So, if you had invested $20,000 in gold back then, you would now be staring at a profit of approximately $64,000.

Rare American Coins and Lower Grade MS Morgan Dollars

Most silver dollars investors are looking for MS-64 and above for their acquisition. However, the vast majority of US silver dollars fall into the MS-60 to MS-63 grade range.

9 Key Reasons to Buy “Slabbed” Coins

Coins can be good investments, especially if you purchase “slabbed coins.” “Slabs” give you peace of mind that their condition is graded and they are not counterfeited coins. Plus, owning “slabs” leads to less hassle and more money if you are selling your collection.

Seven Things to Know When You Sell Gold

Sellers must know how to research and value their pieces, how to choose the right buyer, and how to protect against being underpaid for their gold. Here are seven tips for someone who is considering selling pieces of gold jewelry.

An Overview of Silver Commodities

It is said that you can make huge profits with trading commodities but only if you know how to. The essential thing to know is how the markets work, how different are they, what are the risks associated with each market, and how do you avoid common trading mistakes. A trader needs realistic strategies that are up to the minute.

Investing in Gold Coins – Which Coin Is Your Best Investment?

For investors looking for alternatives to traditional paper investments like the stock market, etc, gold is becoming a more popular choice. And for good reason: gold has outperformed other markets and remains one of the most liquid investments available. This article provides information that you need before you invest in gold in the form of bullion or numismatic coins and offers some initial guidelines for those new to investing in gold.

Buying Silver Bars: How To Tell If Silver Bars Are Fake

It’s common for some dealers to try and sell fake silver bars. In most cases, the dealers take a lead bar and coat it with silver such that it’s impossible for an average purchaser to know the difference between fake and real bars. To avoid wasting your money on fake bars, here are some of the ways in which you can identify the fake silver bars:

Best Places To Buy Scrap Gold

Buying and storing scrap gold has become a great way of investing. The good side with this type of investing is that its low risk. This is because you always buy the gold at low prices and then store it. There are a number of places where you can get the scrap metal. The most common places are:

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